Monday, September 19, 2016

Eating Omily: Economies of Community

Welcome back to my continued exploration of the Lexicon of Sustainability! This video comes in under three minutes, but it gets right down the meat of the matter when it comes to sustainable food: our centralized food system was a bad decision, and has long since proven itself unsustainable. We need to swap it out for what we had before: a series of localized food systems. How do we do that?? Well, to start with, watch the video. As they say at the end of each one, "Your words can change the world".

Economies of has a beautiful ring to it, doesn't? Isn't that what economies should be? Shouldn't they serve us, and not the other way around? 

Thanks to a whole bushel of short-sighted decisions that took place around the post WWII boom, instead, we have economies of scale: get big, or get out!

Aside from being unsustainable in just about every way, this new system has cost us so much: local and regional recipes, flavors, and foods, a sense of local pride and belonging, job opportunities that pay a living wage, and more. Our centralized food system is a failed experiment. Thankfully, we're figuring that out, and we're figuring out how to fix it.

We're working toward replacing economies of scale with that beautiful phrase: economies of community. How can you help? Like it says in the video, we need motivated consumers to make this shift. We need people who read labels, go out of their way to spend their money on sustainable foods, and use their voices and well as their dollars to make it clear what they want: local, sustainable food systems.

That's it. It's really that simple. Itching to read more? Just search the 'eating omily', and 'sustainability' tags on this blog, or search terms like 'local'. You'll be up to your ears in details! :-D

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