Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 is Here!

Happy 2016! I'm seriously stoked for what this year will bring. I'm adding more healing and performing arts to my arsenal right, left, and center studying palm reading, astrology, single and doubles lyra, and aerial hammock, and a practical skill or two, too, with my sewing machine on its way...

I have hopes and dreams, and BIG goals for this year...but I'm also reminding myself that the universe may have its own plans for me. It can be tricky to walk the line between putting myself out there, and giving things a shot...and pushing for something that I'm not ready for.

I have high hopes for my first performance of 2016...but I also injured my shoulder right off the bat on January 1st! It seems to be minor, but it's making running my act that much more tricky, right when I need to be getting it into my body and polishing it. I won't know what kind if impact this will have until I find out how long it takes the discomfort to go away.

I don't know whats going to happen tomorrow yet. Neither do you! Google calendar aside, there's a lot we don't know. And there's a lot of freedom in not knowing it.

As you look over your New Year's Resolutions, leave a little breathing room. Maybe you won't achieve all those goals...but maybe you'll achieve goals that are beyond your wildest dreams!
Here's my turned-out, active split on January 5th!
Here are mine...what are yours?

1. 180 degree turned out split

2. Being able to put my foot on my head by grabbing my foot with my hand, instead of needing a fabric wrap to pull it there

3. First professional gig

4. Get my professional hooping act to the polishing stages

5. perform a doubles act

6. sew curtains, a scarf, and my first professional costume!

7. go to weekday mass once a month

8. visit a door of mercy in the diocese, go to mass there, and receive the sacrament of reconciliation

9. make progress on choreographing a professional hammock act

10. Make time to clean and organize my apartment, so it looks like a pleasant haven

11. continue to process my shitty old recordings about what my body should look like or what its measurements should be, and add new recordings about my worth as a person, not as a piece of decor

12. Work on the skill of speaking up when I encounter sexism, racism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, and other forms of oppression in a way that addresses the person at the level of understanding they're at, so  I can be a more effective alley.

13. More acts of self love: more cups of tea, more snuggling up with a book, more time with friends, BUT, less guilt when life gets crazy and stuff like this doesn't happen.

There are other things I want to do...write more, enter more writing contests, make more money, teach restorative yoga...but 13 is my lucky number, so I'm leaving official resolutions at that. Maybe I'll change some of these around...nothing is set in stone.

And my most important New Years practice is my rememberlutions jar! I haven't re-decorated my jar for 2016 yet, but I already have several things in it!! Will you be making one this year?

Of course, you know drawing a tarot card for the new year is another practice I love, but that's another blog post!

What practices have you been enjoying this new year? Share any juicy ones in the comments!

Happy New Year!
Live Omily,

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  1. Great post, Emily! You are soaking up skills and information like a sponge it seems to me. I can tell you that this year holds a great many personal revelations for us all with the planets not taking no for an answer when change is needed. Hope your shoulder is better very soon. Mercury retrograde for the next few weeks should help you tune inwardly and find the solution to healing it.