Saturday, December 19, 2015

Eating Omily: The Gift of Living La Vida Local

I love presents! I love giving them, and I love getting them! But, sometimes BOTH of those activities can be rather fraught. You might not know what to get someone. You may feel like they have so much STUFF, there's just not another object out there worth the amount of space it would take up in your loved one's home. To say nothing of all the stuff in your home! And all the ill chosen gifts you find yourself stuck with...and all that stuff that ends up in a landfill, sooner or later.

That's why, especially for those less well-known giftees in your life, food makes such a spectacular gift. Everyone loves food! And you eat the food, and then its gone! Guilt free! Of course, you don't want to just show up with a bag of organic kale, or a jar of peanut butter. You want something special!

How about exotic flavors of homemade jam? Creative sweet maple treats? Unexpected honey applications? To-die-for baked goods? Sparkling wines? Small-batch spirits?

But maybe you can't put your finger on that perfect gift for your NYC-area-based recipient.

Or maybe you've been nudging your buddy to check out the farmer's market for months, and they just haven't gotten there yet.

Presenting, The Perfect Gift:
Yep. Gift tokens. That are accepted by nearly every single Greenmarket vendor. Let them eat stolen! And chocolate-coconut vegan, gluten-free snowballs! And maple cotton candy! And Caramel-covered pretzels! And yes, kale, sweet potatoes, apples, the whole nine yards!

I saw this sign today, and just couldn't believe what a great deal it was! It made me wish I did more gift-exchanging with my friends here in NYC. Most of the people I give gifts to live near my hometown in Ohio.

But you don't have to live in NYC to take advantage of this gift idea! Every area on the planet has its regional specialties. Figure out yours and get gifting! Maybe even try your hand at making them yourself, if they're more of a dish than an ingredient.

Have fun! Happy Holidays!!

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