Monday, November 2, 2015

The Omily Tarot: Practice Makes a Better Practice

I had so much fun doing my first ambient aerial act/first aerial tarot act! But, it was also a greater challenge than I thought it would be. Was it the aerial hammock: an apparatus I've done little performing or training on? Was it the nature of the ambient act: half an hour of staying in the air, and in view of the audience? No! That stuff was easy-peasy, and super fun!

It was the TAROT! I had to talk to someone about a tarot card without having any background, or any time to ask questions or get feedback. More than once, I just drew a blank. Wheel of fortune? What did that mean again?? Augh!!! Quick, make a pretty shape!

Recognizing that I needed to spend some time polishing this specific skill set, and the need to practice makeup application, AND the ease of reusing the same costume (minus lingerie, plus a fun winged mini dress and over-the-knee boots), I quickly devised a plan of using everyone I encountered over the course of the Halloween festive season as guinea pigs to practice my on-the-spot, single-card-pull tarot readings on.

It went brilliantly! While there were still one or two querents I didn't seem to connect with, I had a solid majority of amazed participants, scurrying off to find their friends and make them pull a card, too! Over the course of a few dozen pulls, I stopped worrying about being right, and started following my gut. I just talked about the first aspect of the card that came to mind. Sometimes I only had a few lines to say, and sometimes I found myself getting more specific than the card itself would warrant, or offering advice.

I can only hope that this success translates to the next time I'm in the air with my sequined fanny pack. In the meantime, I've been reminded of a crucial skill for the tarot reader: trust your instincts. Don't worry about being wrong. You can only offer the wisdom thats in front of you. As we yogis like to say, you aren't entitled to the results, only your efforts.

Here are some more pictures from my performance, and the subsequent Halloween tom-foolery.

Happy Day of the Dead! Think of your departed loved ones today, and remember, they're very close!

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