Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Omily Tarot: A Fortunate Clarification

Pop Quiz: whats the difference between a tarot reader, and a fortune teller?

If you answered, fortune tellers are quacks, swindlers, or Scooby-Doo characters, well, I can't say that I blame you for that impression

In an effort to be taken seriously, and to impress on people how much everyone can benefit from tarot readings, I, too, have sometimes skewed into a judgey attitude toward 'fortune telling'.

But, what's so bad about telling fortunes? What's so bad about amping up the fun and the mystery, and skipping the in-depth analysis? Especially at a place like a carnival, or a party, where people go for, you know, FUN, rather than talk therapy?

I mean, really? When did we sign up for the Fun Police? Feck that. Tarot is FUN! And the best way to connect to the tarot and get something out of it is to be enjoying the process! Of COURSE you have to take fortune telling with a grain of salt, but that's true of ANY tarot reading, and you can also take the grains of truth that are there, and discover a powerful new insight into your self! Because that's how the tarot works!

Of course, plenty of people have been turned off of the tarot because of a shoddy fortune telling style reading, but I'll bet tons of other people have been inspired to pick up some cards and dig deeper on their own because they could sense that behind the faux gypsy trappings, there was something there. The reader was really onto something! And, honestly? No doubt plenty of people have been turned off of the tarot by a shoddy analysis-style reading, too. Maybe even more, because they were bored as well as unimpressed!

They are different, and they call upon somewhat different skills, but they're much more similar. You still have to understand the cards, trust your intuition, and be realistic about what a client can absorb in that moment. You might couch it in more flowery or exciting language, but you aren't making things up, unless you really are a total hack. Please don't read for people if you're a total hack. I don't care what you're calling it. Ok, unless maybe you're calling it Discount Dahlia's Completely Crap Fortunes...no seriously, I'd pay for one of those. That sounds hilarious.

Moral of the story? Don't hesitate to pull out the chair (or more likely get on the wait list!) in that tent at the Ren Fair, or let somebody at a halloween party pull a card for you. There's magic everywhere, and the universe will use any channel to get a message though. But perhaps most importantly, have fun!

I was inspired to write this post by my first fortune teller style gig, happening this coming Sunday the 18th at the Muse in Brooklyn at 7:00pm. I'll be offering single card pulls as the beautiful and seductive Lady Death from my aerial hammock. If you're in the area, you are not going to want to miss this one. Tickets are $15 at the door, or $10 presale at this link. Come on out, and let me tell you your fortune! We'll both be learning a lot.

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