Monday, October 19, 2015

Eating Omily: A Seafood Classic Debuts at the Farmers Market

So I know we're not quite due for an Eating Omily post yet, but I was so excited by this latest development at the Farmers' Market that I'm interrupting the usual schedule! I mean, who's really keeping track of the pattern, anyway?

Quick question: when you think seafood, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Ok, seafood appetizers? Shellfish? I'm looking for shrimp! That cocktail classic, that scrumptious scampi, that deep-fried munchy...

After years of enjoying local seafood from the Farmers' Market, including scallops, oysters, mackerel, porgies, calamarie, and more, I suddenly realized I had never seen a single shrimp. I thought perhaps shrimp just weren't common in these waters, but I wasn't sure.

Then, last Friday, I did. A brand new vendor to the market offering only shrimp. Great big, buttery, jumbo beauties no less! I scurried over for a closer look, and found myself reading a laminated article about this new business: eco-friendly shrimp farming!
Now, I've always tended to look askance at farmed fish, preferring its wild brethren, and for good reason: fish are often farmed via unsustainable methods involving habitat destruction, chemicals and antibiotics, and a not-tasty, not-healthy final product. But overfishing is a real problem, and shrimp are an important component of many food chains. Breeding them for our own appetites could be a solid alternative, if it can be done without chopping down mangrove forests, or dumping antibiotics into our oceans. And it turns out, it can!

Eco Shrimp Garden farms shrimp completely indoors, in upstate New York using a process that recycles 100% of the water used, and is completely free of antibiotics and other creepy additives. These shrimp are sold fresh, never frozen, and are at the market within hours of being harvested. You can order online and have fresh head-on, tail-on shrimp at your door for dinner the same day!
I am super psyched to prepare these guys this week, and I'll be sure to take some pictures when I do. In the meantime, you can go to to learn more, and maybe even place your own order.
Seriously, guys? If you have access to this, why would you waste your money on any other shrimp?

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