Monday, September 21, 2015

The Omily Tarot: You Can do it in a Sling, You Can do it Before Listening to People Sing...

Just when you think some of the things you love are on perfectly parallel paths, and never the twain shall meet, the universe masterminds a perfect collaboration...

Wishing you could get a tarot reading from me?

Longing to be inspired by my high-flying aerial feats?

How about both at once?

It's not a pipe dream anymore! The amazing manager and producer at the Muse, Rebecca Collins has enlisted me to provide beautifully eerie (eerily beautiful?) ambience and fortune telling mystery at the Halloween edition of the Muse Cabaret, coming up late next month!

I am pretty stupidly excited, and have been left asking myself over and over again, how did I not think of this dream combination before?? Aerial bar tending is a thing...why not aerial fortune telling? Why not indeed, and, why not no longer!

Details are being added and updated as I get them over on my new 'upcoming performances' page on my website. Check it!

While you wait, why not put it out into the universe...shouldn't every club in the city offer gorgeous aerial dancers offering tarot card readings? Ok, not every club can because there's only one of me, but still.

What insights into the cards will I gain by contemplating them while posing in the skies? Good question! Maybe rehearsals will reveal something...I'm so excited to explore the tarot in this new way, and to get a chance to chat with so many querents in one evening! I'll update with pictures of my rehearsing attempts, and fascinating well as all the relevant details for those of you itching to participate!

 I told you there'd be pictures, didn't I?
 And that this would be a can't-miss performance?
 AND, a ground-breaking debut in more ways than one?
 And believe me, if you think these stills are something, this set is going to blow you away!
 I'm pretty excited.
Just sayin'. ;-)

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