Monday, September 28, 2015

Changing Seasons, Changing Mind

Happy Autumn Equinox Super Blood Moon!!! I know the total lunar eclipse didn't actually happen on the Equinox, but it was pretty close! I think it bodes well for a creepy Halloween...

A lot of people start to feel down when the weather turns. They're no strangers to the cold, dark days ahead. Every season has its special joys, and purpose, though!

AND, there's no point in feeling sad that Winter is coming before it actually gets here, right? We have at least another few weeks of comfortable weather in our neck of the woods, and probably a lot more than that!

Make a baked apple, or a caramel one, or even order a pumpkin spice latte. I won't tell! Stock up your home with good books, put some rad documentaries or tv shows on your Netflix list, buy scented candles and cozy sweaters, and gear up to go inward!

And while you're waiting for it to actually get cold, don't forget to enjoy those things you're going to miss! There's likely to be at least one more day of beach weather this year, so seize it! Sip an iced coffee while you go for a walk and watch the leaves change.

I always find the seasonal changes to be powerful times, full of magic, and potential for exponential growth. If you find yourself feeling bummed about the cold weather coming, delve into that. Ask yourself why. Ask yourself what's happening right now that's upsetting you. Ask yourself if maybe you could find something to appreciate about the micro season that you're in. Keep doing it. It's amazing what can shift when we stop operating on autopilot and start digging into our impulses and thought patterns.

Winter may never be your favorite season. You may never feel childlike joy when you look out the window and see snow (or at least, when you have to go out in it), but you may be surprised just how content you can be about the whole thing. Give it a shot! And be prepared to surprise yourself.

Enjoy your Fall!

Live Omily,


  1. Oh wow, I can tell you're not looking forward to Winter! Me neither! Too damn cold.

    This was a sweet read, em. Love the Exponential Growth part :)

    1. Haha, actually, I LOVE Winter! I try to put out a "Cheer up!!" post for my many (many!) friends who don't feel the same way, and get tired of my chipper attitude! ;-)

  2. This will be my first winter up north for 14 years so I am feeling nostalgic. I always wished for snow on my birthday, which is in the blizzard season of January...and I usually got it. But I have to stay away from all things slippery now for my skeleton's sake so I will be hibernating when the snow flies and looking out on it like I was a kid again methinks. Good post, Emily!