Monday, June 15, 2015

The Omily Tarot: What Was the Answer Again?

Last time we did a tarot blogpost, you may remember this spread...
This blogpost, FINALLY, we're going to interpret this business! That means this is your last chance to draw your own conclusions about what these cards mean in these positions before I spill the beans. If you don't remember, or missed the post on the question behind this spread, then click here to read my previous Omily Tarot post: "What Was the Question Again?" Go ahead; I'll wait.


So, at first glance, all I could see in that three of swords was how I was feeling: disappointed, hurt, and, irrationally, even a little bit betrayed. I thought maybe reflecting such uncomfortable feelings back at me was the tarot's way of telling me it was time to let ago and try something else...but then I zoomed out a little. Um...a tarot card depicting a hard being stabbed by swords? About whether I should continue my work with the broken hearted? Suddenly the three of swords started to sound like a resounding, YES! Like, yes, it's tough, you don't have to deny that. But this is NOT the time to give up! This is the Goddess Tarot, so naturally, I took a peek in the book it comes with to see if there are any particular insights for me. I was intrigued by the explanation for the eye in the center of the heart: 'an eye-opening experience that can bring tears or insight...sorrow that can enlighten, or debilitate'. I have a choice, here: I can let myself get discouraged and give up all together, or I can seek to learn from my lack of success so far, and keep moving forward.

Next, I turned my attention to the Six of Staves. This card is a card about victory, about successfully moving past a big challenge, and celebrating that fact. This was a little confusing at first. I should focus my goals and energies on...celebrating what I had already succeeded at? It didn't take long for the light bulb to go off, though. The message is, I can learn a lot more from my successes than from my failures in this case. I need to focus my energy on what's working, try to discern why it's working so I can apply those principles to the areas where I'm stalled. I need to turn off my negative mindset that's making me feel so discouraged, and focus on where I'm finally seeing success. I also took note of the fact that this card immediately follows the Five of Staves: a card about learning to collaborate, and share resources for everyone's greater good. That was my card of the year for 2015, so any reference to it, no matter how oblique, usually turns out to be relevant. I'm going to keep my eyes open for chances to collaborate with others to further the reach of my program, and just for ways to help others succeed, remembering that it's not a zero sum game.

Next up, the Ten of Cups: a beautiful, blissful card of completion and new beginnings. Somehow, this joyful card didn't immediately make me feel good like it usually does. What was it doing in the position of 'What's missing in my current approach?'? Um, success? Way to rub it in, Subconscious!! But what I was really seeing was an echo of the message from the previous card: I need to keep a positive attitude. I need to believe that just by putting together this program, I've accomplished something big. I've found my rainbow, and all I need to do is keep my eyes looking up at those bright colors until I get to the pot of gold at its end. More specifically, I need to believe in this program, and I need to believe in how it can help others. If I approach others from a place of service, they'll respond positively. If I approach them from a place of uncertainty, like I'm selling them a car I haven't tried to start yet, they won't.
We've made it to the bottom row! Next card up is the Ten of Pentacles! Wow, two tens in a single reading?? There's a strong message of abundance and success here. It's great to see such a positive coins card, too, since I'm concerned about the practical, financial viability of offering this program. In a way, this card seems to be reminding me that it takes money to make money. I need to conquer my fears of making carefully considered wise investments as needed to help my business grow. Perhaps even more so, I need to conquer my fear of making a lot of money! I frequently run up against the idea that there's a dichotomy between people who have lots of money, and people who care about others, and the planet. I know it's not true rationally, but I need to feel its true in my heart as well. The Goddess Tarot booklet also talks about the completion of business plans, and expansion. Maybe I need to sit down and spend time working on the more practical, day-to-day portions of my business before the clients will start rolling in. Maybe the universe is doing me a favor by keeping them at bay because I'm less ready for them than I think I am!

The last card in the reading throws this pretty picture for a bit of a loop, though: it's a major arcana card, and it's reversed,'s number 13...Death, or in this particular deck, Transformation. Could I be in my own way because I'm in too big a hurry to make changes and try different things? Am I looking for too sudden and dramatic a change in my lifestyle as a healer and facilitator, rather than trusting the universe that I'm on a steady, upward slope? This being a Major Arcanum indicates that this is an important aspect of the reading. The Goddess Tarot booklet suggests that the issue is a big change that has to occur. The reading seems to have made it clear that I should not change my program at this whats this big change that I may or may not be resisting? Or is my urge to MAKE a big change, and abandon this program for something more fruitful though I don't know what that could be the very thing that's holding me back? Transformation is exactly what I promise for my clients. Maybe it's the last thing I need in my own life right now. After spending years putting myself out there as a healer,  and training HARD as an aerialist, I definitely sometimes feel entitled to lightning strike success, like things should just WORK already. But that's not a super helpful attitude. I'm not entitled to anything but my own efforts, but if I trust in the divine, and follow my intuition to stay on the right path, I will receive all that I need, including material affluence. It's time to take deep breaths, and trust the process. 

For any number of reasons, my program didn't immediately take off into the stratosphere, but it's still important work, and if I keep my attitude where it should be, and devote time and energy to my program being the best it can be, and being ready for my clients, they will come, slowly but surely.

So, how did this compare to your interpretation of the cards? Did this reading have any relevance or advice for you on your own journey? Think you'll be able to use this spread for yourself? I hope that it was interesting for you to observe how I make use of traditional tarot interpretation, the interpretations suggested for a particular deck, and my own understanding of the cards to find the most relevant and resonant message for me in any giving reading.

Happy Taroting!

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