Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Omily Tarot: What Was the Question Again?

When I give myself readings, it's usually because I've been mulling something over in my mind the old fashioned (new fangled?) way for some time without success. It's not a matter of not having information, and needing to go outside myself and get it. It's feeling blocked, or stymied, like I'm in my own way of reaching the conclusion. The tarot provides a direct line to by subconscious, a reroute around my hangups and resistance.

Pretty cool, right?

But here's the thing. That resistance is a powerful mental force. It can keep me locked in a place of confusion, unable to move forward in more ways than one. In order to utilize the tarot to unstick myself, I need to be very clear on what it is I want to know...and sometimes I can't even get that far on my own.

So, what do you do when you've got the deck, you've got the issue, and you've got the will...but you don't have the question? The answer's inside of you, and the question is, too. But the difference is, a little nudging should be able to get the question out.

You'll be playing along with me today while I figure out what my question is. Hopefully seeing my journaling process will give you a handy guide for your own when you find yourself in this situation.

So, here's what I know...

After working with a life coach, things are going much better in my business. I'm teaching two regular aerial yoga classes a week, I'm assisting two silks classes a week and moderating aerial open workout once a week, and I'm teaching a core conditioning class once a week, and I've subbed two silks classes, and taught one silks private so far. I've been successfully building connections and securing performance opportunities in the aerial community, I've added another apparatus to my repertoire, and I have a lead on submitting for my first paid aerial work ever! On top of all that, I told a new friend about my young adult novel. She was fascinated by the concept, and asked me to send it to her so she can read it. Turns out, she's a professional editor! After months and months of working my ass off, things are finally happening!

But here's the thing, my life coach and I worked really hard to take all of the things I love to do, and put them all together into one program that focuses on what I do best through all of those things. It is an AWESOME program, and I've been working hard to market it and put it out there. I've had a fair amount of interest, and several initial consults, and I've put together my first group workshop based on my program. I am so proud of this program: I think it truly represents the best I have to offer as a healer, coach, guide, facilitator, teacher, alley, mentor, and person. This workshop is going to be a rich offering that will plant the seeds for deep healing and growth in the participants. But the success that I'm finally seeing in my aerial and writing pursuits? So far it's not materializing for my program. Sure, these things take time, but the program was carefully designed, and I was schooled in the skill of marketing it, so that it would get off the ground quickly. Theoretically far more quickly than my aerial career, which has been 100% trial and error learning on the job.

I know one issue is that there are inherent challenges to marketing the program that I'm offering: people are private about their losses and their pain. I can't make an event page, and invite all my friends who just got dumped, or tag those friends in a status update reminding them of the early bird deadline. It would be insensitive.

I also know that after months of keeping up a constant level of marketing efforts without the outside validation I was expecting, I'm losing steam.The two problems dovetail in that it takes a lot of motivation for me to keep reaching out, because it feels a little awkward, like I'm trying to profit off of my friends' misery.

It's also just that I WANT it to succeed, that I feel pressure from myself, from the husband, from my wonderful, supportive, well-meaning friends and colleagues who ask me how things are going.

Now, if my program needs tweaking or shifting, or even a complete overhaul, that is totally ok. I'm just not sure if that's the case, or if I just need to really put my back into it until I get some momentum going. Maybe I'm just being discouraged too easily.

Whew, got all that? So, what's the question?

It's definitely something along the lines of, is it time to rethink my offering, or should I dig my heels in and focus? But is there a third option? Should I put together a second program based on what people are responding the most to, and keep the other option out there? Is there an attitude shift that needs to happen? Are there resources I need to tap into? Approaches I need to try?

So another aspect of this question is, what's missing?

Where should I be focusing my energies? What's missing in my current approach? Should I keep focusing on my current offering, or branch out into something else?

I think these sound more like individual meanings for positions in the reading. The umbrella question seems to be more, "How can I continue to grow my business?"

That's still vague, though. My business does seem to be growing, slowly but surely. What I'm missing are regular clients willing to make an investment in a suite of life-changing services, instead of just picking up little services here and there.

So, perhaps the question is, how can I best prepare my offerings so that they are of great service to potential clients, AND I'm easily able to communicate what a great service they are to potential clients, so that I have a financially sustainable rate of actual clients?

And I'll want at least a three card spread, to allow for the three more specific questions I discerned above. I think a fourth spread position that is almost always a must in a tarot reading is, 'what energy do I need to bring to this situation?' and, something like the reverse of that, what am I doing that's holding me back? I'll phrase it like this: "How am I in my own way?"

That's five cards total. I'm picturing a simple spread: two rows, one of three, and one of two, set up so there is an obvious empty spot: a visual image of something missing.

Here's my reading:

Question: How can I best prepare my offerings so that they are of great service to potential clients, AND I'm easily able to communicate what a great service they are to potential clients, so that I have a  consistent financially sustainable number of actual clients?

Card positions: (left to right)
(top row)
1. Should I keep focusing on my current offering, or branch out into something else?
2. Where in my skill set and goals should I be focusing my energies?
3. What's missing in my current approach?
(bottom row)
(empty space)
4. What energy do I need to cultivate for my own success?
5. How am I in my own way?

So by searching for my question, I've not only divined the question, I've actually invented a spread just for this question, one that I will likely come back to again and again, and use in readings with clients. Awesome!
Now I know you're all dying to know how this reading turns out...but this blog post is already on the long side, and who doesn't love a little suspense? You'll just have to wait till the next Omily Tarot post!!! But just for funzies, I'll post a picture of my reading right here in this post. I'd love to hear your insights and ideas about this reading in the comments! In the next few weeks, I'll fill you in on what I got out of the reading, and talk about the insights my readers had to offer. Fun fun!

Ooh, I'm very intrigued already! Happy taroting!!

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