Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Omily Tarot: Branching Out

We're all done exploring the four elements, but of course, there's so much more that we can explore with the tarot!

And there are lots of ways to explore the tarot, too! Not just different decks, or different spread, or different styles of interpretation...this is the 21st century! There's a good chance you're a millennial! We have...THE INTERNET! And, THE SMART PHONE! Not things I'm necessarily the most gung ho about ever, but nevertheless, I present to you, an article about different tarot reading apps!

There's at least one I'll download, I think. While tarot decks themselves are pretty awesomely portable, there are certain risks one takes. Beer can get spilled, cards can get lost, purses can get stollen, etc. I'm a knock on wood and carry on kind of lady, but if you'd rather leave your deck safely at home, you can explore the tarot for yourself, and even get a few simple readings, with just your phone! Which, of course, could get stolen, lost, or broken, too, but that's never stopped anyone from carrying it with them everywhere like a glowing, electric pacifier.

This is also your introduction to a tarot blog I enjoy very much: Little Red Tarot. The author, Beth, also offers an alternative tarot course that I'm itching to take. I'm just waiting for an excuse to reward myself with this special treat...
Much like this one, it's not a blog ONLY about tarot. It's about the Beth's life as a tarot reader, and as a queer person. This window into her life provides greater context for her own interpretations of the cards, which I think is really useful and interesting for new and old readers alike. She also writes a column on Autostraddle, which is pretty rad.

So, what do you think? Surely you're pro-tarot  blog if you're already reading this one! Will you add Little Red Tarot to your list, or are there other tarot blogs you're fan of? Share in the comments; I would love to hear about them...and about your adventures with tarot apps, should you download any...

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