Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Omily Tarot: Exploring the Elements–Earth

Ok guys, things are about to get heavy...grounded...real. Today, we talk earth!

Question, in (one of) your friend group(s), do you ever get that thing where someone mentions an idea, and everyone takes off chattering, super excited about it, and then that one friend brings it crashing back down to the ground, leaving everyone deflated and a little resentful?

Or maybe you are that friend, rolling your eyes at your crazy friends who, for reasons utterly unclear to you, can't see the noses in front of their faces, or the simple reasons why their plan to build a slip and slide on the roof is not going to work.

That's earth energy at perhaps its most dramatic, which is saying something, because earth does not do dramatic. And that resentful feeling? If you've ever lacked an earth influence and given that scheme a try only to end up with a fiasco on your hands, you may find yourself eating crow for ever feeling that way.

In the tarot, the element of earth is represented by the suite of coins: what's more practical than money? Your earth friends know that it's crucial; your air friends may seem incensed by the very idea, and your water friends may just be distressed that it even needs to exist. Many of those coin, also known as pentacle, tarot cards show plowed fields, orchards, and arbors. Fruitful and abundant, earth has lots to give, and your earthy friends are likely some of the most generous people you know.

Earth is, quite literally, where the rubber meets the road. Air people have all kinds of ideas, water people sense the joy and excitement behind those ideas and nurture those good feelings, and earth people actually see what will happen when this idea is actualized. Another reason you want an earthy soul on your team is that if that idea you had is a good one, earth energy is what you need for the slow, plodding work of making it a reality, even when that initial enthusiasm has long since burned out.

Earthy people are consistent, persistent, and what often comes along with those traits...stubborn! Once they've decided a project is practical, they'll do what needs to be done to make it happen. In the beginning, they may seem unenthusiastic, and a fiery or watery person may mistake that lack of apparent passion for a lack of what it takes to see a project through, but that seemingly slow pace is a sustainable one, and your earth friend will keep it right up from the first day to the last.

Another reason earth people are so rad to have around is that they tend to have the best homes: clean, organized, and with plenty of food. The most beautifully designed and decorated? The place you run to when you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to rant into? Maybe not, depending on what other elements your earth friend is rocking, but definitely the place you schedule hours of catching up over wine...and plenty of snacks! You know this is the friend who has real, solid advice, whether it's what you want to hear or not. And if the advice is hard to hear, at least the food is delicious and plentiful!

It's not that earth people are food-obsessed (nope, that would be fiery, airy me!), it's just that they get it: food is something that we all need, and it's something we all enjoy, assuming we aren't struggling with an unhealthy relationship with it and/or suffering from an eating disorder, in which case, you'll want a water friend in the picture as well. If you're really lucky, your earthy buddy has some serious water influence as well.

It's also a form of caring for the people they love that feels super natural and genuine for earthy types. They aren't always big huggers, or spouters of flowery declarations of affection, but let it be known that you like that one kind of cheese the best, and it will turn up every time you do. Food comes from the earth: it's a solid, real, nourishing way of connecting to where we all come from, and keeping you grounded is how earth people show they care.

If you don't have a lot of earth in your make-up, you may feel like your head is in the clouds. You may double-book yourself a lot, or agree to commitments and then later realize you're in way over your head. How do you get back to earth? By doing it. Literally. If it's warm enough to sit or lie down on some real, honest to goodness, dirt, do it! If it isn't, just taking a walk and observing nature at work will help a lot. Nourish your root chakra with the color red, root vegetables in your diet, and paying special attention to your feet. If you're not feeling very earthy, and you've got a term paper to write, or a big cleaning project to power through, get yourself an earthy accountability buddy! Don't worry: she or he will not let you off the hook.

Are you recognizing yourself in this description? How about someone you love? Earth type heroics can go unsung because they become so expected: of course the earth friend will plan the party. Of course the fruit and cheese plate is out before you arrive. You may assume that your friend does this stuff because she or he loves to do it, and that's probably partially true; earth types are naturally generous, but your earth friend may know that she or he is the only one thinking about it, and if she or he doesn't do it, it won't get done. That's a heavy burden! Take some time today to love and appreciate those sources of awesome earth energy in your life! They won't mind if you speak your own watery, airy, or fiery language, but for bonus points, ask if there's anything they need done that you could help with...or show up bearing snacks.

Where do you recognize earth in your life? Do you feel like you have too much of it, or not enough? Let me know in the comments. Keep it real! ;-)

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