Monday, March 9, 2015

The Omily Tarot: Exploring the Elements-Water

Look alive, all your empaths, teen-agers, and sensitive types! We're talking about YOU today! Aw, don't look so wounded! We're going to focus on the special gifts of water in our lives...

Remember our last installment of exploring the elements, when we talked about the element of air? The element of air represents the intellect, words, and objective truth. Water represents the often murkier depths of humanity: feelings, dreams, emotions, intuition, empathy, relationships, love...all that fun stuff!

Watery souls are great at reading other people, and molding their responses to what the other person needs, much like water can flow into a container of any shape. This tends to make them very likable, but if a person without much water in their personality gets a gander at how a watery person behaves around someone else, she or he is likely to feel betrayed, led on, or lied to. Airy people, with their high regard for Capital T Truth, get pretty caught up in ideas of 'authenticity'. The yardstick they use to measure friendships is how much two people are 'themselves' around each other. Watery people are more in touch with the many selves we all contain than most, and that can look like someone not being 'themselves' to people who don't understand.

The downside to this, of course, is that water is easily stirred: watery souls tend to be sensitive, and easily hurt. They take on the vibrations of others easily. While an earth person can let many insults roll right over them with no effect, it's much tougher for water people not to take things to heart, and it feels like adding insult to injury for a water person to be chewed out for trying to make everybody happy...

Like all the rest of us, watery people have their lessons to learn: choosing when to let their powers of empathy shine, enabling them to help others and heal the world, and when to protect themselves and trust their own instincts, instead of listening to a louder outside voice.

While easily hurt, there is a strength to water types, all the same. They can carry on in face of emotional pain to an impressive degree. This, too can have its dark side: the dreaded martyr complex, wherein one becomes a glutton for other's mistreatment since it feeds a distorted perception of holier than thou compassion.

We all have our watery moments. Some people are more inclined to be overwhelmed by their emotions than others, but we're all swept away sometimes, by love, joy, sadness, fear, anger, you name it! It's all part of the watery realm.

We've also probably all had a gut feeling that turned out to be accurate at some time or another, but people with a high water quotient will trust that instinct more than all the pros and cons list in the world. They're more concerned with how something feels than how it looks, or carefully parsing on the information on the subject they can find. While this can drive earthy and airy types nuts, fiery types can relate to what appears to be impulsiveness from the outside, and for the most part, water souls are best left to handle the situation their own way. There's nothing more sad than a water type who's been bullied out of trusting their greatest birthright: potent intuition.

The suit of cups is associated with the element of water in the tarot, and therefor, this suit tends to represent feelings, emotions, intuition, dreams, etc. etc. etc. Any cup card, but particularly a court card and some of the major arcana cards can represent a watery person in the querent's life, or could indicate a watery aspect to the situation at hand. Is this an issue best dealt with by following your instincts? Is the querent overwhelmed in a tidal wave of emotions, and incapable of sorting out the right move from this vantage point? Is this a time to take those beautiful dreams, and start to build the scaffolding necessary to make them a reality? Check out the rest of the reading to find out...

I used to relate hard to the suit of cups, but time has turned me into a serious sword lover. I'm interested to see if I eventually come around to have a sustained love affair with each of the suits in turn! Do you find that the cups often speak to you, or does it seem like they don't turn up much?

Are you a watery soul? Got a lot of water signs in your chart? Have a predominance of kapha in your constitution? Are you between the ages of thirteen and seventeen? What special gifts or challenges do you find come along with that territory?

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