Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Website, New Workshops, New Opportunities...Yay!

Hooray! My newly redone website is finally done! Go check it out at, and then click the 'blog' tab to come back here! You can go 'round and 'round forever!

But that would be rather a waste of time, so perhaps do it just once...and then come back and finish the blogpost! And then go back and pour over the entire website! Like I've been doing! Yay!

So, what's new? Well, I've got my class calendar on there now, but you should have been checking that out on the blog for months now (it's in the upper righthand corner)! That said, it's on such a lovely page on the you could bookmark that one instead if you'd like.

If you're curious about my background, want to know what the people I've worked with think of my offerings, or want to follow me on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or my e-mail list, you'll want to get on the 'Learn more about me!' page.

If you have questions about what I have to offer, the stuff you find on the class calendar, or if my program could be a good fit for our situation, you'll want to get over to the 'Let's get in touch!' page to make it happen!

I also have the offerings page that details upcoming workshops and classes that aren't regularly scheduled, and, there you'll notice something new: a program I've put together called, Inward and Upward: The Most Positive and Powerful Breakup You'll Ever Have! If you're suffering with heartbreak, you'll want to check that out for sure. And if you know somewhere who is, take the time to direct them there. You can even reach out to me via the 'lets get in touch page', and we'll set up a three-way e-mail together, so your friend gets the opportunity for support in her or his healing and growth, without having to take those steps during a time when even the smallest effort can seem insurmountable.

Of course, you know all about the joys that await you on the blog page...

And if you've been keeping up with an Omily Aerial Tumblr, you'll have an inkling of what awaits you on the 'Aerialist' page! Check out my reel, pictures, and a video of my most recent performance, with a link to more videos of course!

What's the hottest item on the new website right now? Probably my Spin, Drop, and Roll aerial hammock workshop, coming up this Sunday at 2:00 to 3:30pm! If you've taken a few aerial yoga classes and are comfortable inverting on your own, this workshop is your chance to explore the world of cirque from the comfortable seat of your familiar hammock! We'll be focusing on moving in, around, and over the fabric, with out feet off the ground!

We'll play with some fun and pretty instagram-worthy sequences, and with two pairs of eyes and hands to keep you safe and busy, you'll learn a lot fast, so clear off some space on your phones (and save the filming for approved moments in class)!

I'm so excited for the amazing things that are on the horizon in my life, and for my clients. With my new regularly updated website, you can learn all about those things virtually as soon as I do! Rad!

Live Omily,

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