Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Upgrade Your Energy: Accept Money

So, this is one of THOSE blogs: it's spiritual, it's granola, it's hippie dippie, it's all that stuff. Which is why what we're going to talk about today might blow your mind a little.
Today's post is about $$$Cash Money$$$!!!
Ok, deep breath. How did you react to that? Was there resistance? A rejection on a visceral level? For us hippie dippie, granola people, there usually is. We generally do not like mixing spiritual ideas with financial ones anymore than we like eating in the bathroom.

Well, maybe a little more. We have made some progress with businesses like Abundant Yogi, and personalities like Marie Forleo reminding us that, hey, maybe it is ok to make a living helping others.

Why is that a concept that needs to be sold to us? Where does this idea come from?

Well, in indigenous cultures and tribes, the kind our ancestors lived in, and that still exist all over the world, there are shamans, healers, priestesses, etc.: people who live closer to the divine, and are able to help those around them through that connection. Being close the divine isn't easy. If it was, everyone would do it. Generally there's sacrifice involved. In the Catholic church today, priests, nuns, sisters, monks, and brothers all take vows of chastity, for example. Generally great material wealth was also sacrificed: these people tend to live humble lives.

With this cultural setup in our DNA, it's no wonder we bulk at the thought of living a posh life doing healing work.

But here's the other side of the proverbial (and not so proverbial) coin that often goes ignored: these shamans, etc. are not starving or homeless. In fact, they often have the nicest home in the village. Because of what they do for the tribe, they are given a place of honor. Every member of the tribe makes offerings to see the shaman well cared for, especially those who have, or who hope to, benefit from her or his healing services.

That's how it used to work for all of us, and how it still works in some places in the world. Maybe you've noticed, it doesn't work that way in the time and place where YOU live. No one is offering you their two bedroom apartment, or showing up at your door with pastured eggs and local organic greens.

If you're doing spiritual and/or healing work,  you need to ask yourself, are people honoring you for the work that you do? Maybe it seems like they are! Maybe your heart is warmed by the deep, genuine gratitude of your clients, and the encouragement of your friends. But you're not being honored by your electric company for your contributions to your community with free service.

Whoa. You may be saying. Back this money train up for a second. I am NOT a Shaman! I am not a community leader, and I am NOT especially close to the divine! I don't DESERVE honor, or the nicest hut in the village, or someone showing up at my door with anything other than what I just ordered on seamless!

I hear you. That's a big responsibility to claim. I would challenge you, though: if that's not you, if you aren't doing important work, um, what are you doing? Maybe you need to take down your website and figure that one out. I'm not saying you must, or even should, claim some special connection to the divine, but if what you're offering works, you've got something going on. It's important that, whatever that is, you OWN it, and you take responsibility for it. Part of taking responsibility for it is expecting, even insisting, that it be honored for what it is.

And how do people show honor for contributions in your time and place? No, not by saying thank you, not by saying how much they admire you for what you do, WITH $$$CASH MONEYY$$$!

Because money is not the physical manifestation of greed, shallowness, grasping, materialism! Money is a physical stand in for energy, for gratitude, for love.

I'm just going to let that sink in for a minute.


What's more spiritual than love? Alright then.

People who want what you're offering, and tell you how awesome they think it is that you're offering it, but who won't pay you for it? I'm going to oversimplify here because clearly there are people out there barely scraping by in financially who just can't spare money for anything other than food and rent, so bear with me: Those people are not honoring what you're offering. Don't get me wrong; that's ok! It's not for everyone! No matter how great what you're offering is, it's not going to be for everyone, and if you're trying to make it for everyone, I've got bad news: you're probably decreasing the value for your true potential clients.

Aside from sustainable free offerings to those truly in need, you need to stop participating in one-sided energy exchanges (and those free offerings need to be truly sustainable for you, regardless of how many people in need you'd like to be able to help). It doesn't take much energy to say thank you, even if you say it lots of times really enthusiastically. It does take energy to make money. When someone gives you money, they are closing the energy loop, making it possible for you to keep on giving your energy to others who need it and value it (and even in the case of those sustainable free offerings, you need to be closing that energetic loop in some other way whenever possible. It's not just about taking care of yourself; it's important for your recipient's dignity and agency as well). That is your task. Upholding that end of the bargain, the one where you take back the energy you gave in another form, is just as important as the part where you give your energy via the work you do. If you give a lot of energy, a lot of value, then you can, and you should, expect a lot of energy in the form of money to come back your way. Make space for it. Let it in.

This is not easy work! It won't happen overnight. You may need help to really believe this in your soul. It's worth it. You're worth it. Do what you need to do. Give your energy, in the form of money, to someone who can help you do this, if necessary. That alone can be so helpful for rewriting this programing.

Ok, so let's say that you're totally cool with owning the amazing services you provide to the world, and you're totally comfortable earning money in line with the value of what you're offering...but you're still not making bank. What gives??

You may think that you're offering a tremendously precious service to your community, and you may be right! But that won't earn you any honor, energy, love, or $$$ if your community doesn't think that, too!

It's essential for you to be able to communicate the value of what you're offering to the people around you consistently. And here's the other thing: no matter how clearly you're communicating, you may be peddling what they need, but if you aren't peddling what they want, they still aren't going to pony up.

Here's the formula we hear: follow your passion! Follow your heart! Do what you love!

But just like our image of giving ourselves to our spiritual work and expecting no payment in return is incomplete, so is this idea.

YES, do what you love...but if you want that $$$Cash Money$$$, you also have to do the thing that people will pay you for.

This does not mean selling out, or giving up, or going corporate. It does mean making a list, drawing a venn diagram, and figuring out where those two things overlap.

If you love lots of different things, odds are, people aren't going to be willing to pay you for all of them. That's fine. Choose the one the most people are willing to pay the most money for, and make energetic space, in terms of time and money, for those other things to be part of your life in other ways. Over time, people may start seeing the connection that you see between those things, and they may be willing to pay you for some of that other stuff, too.

And, none of this has to mean running your own business, or creating a whole new enterprise. Maybe what you love that people will pay you for is something you can get hired to do at a existing company. Maybe they'll even give you benefits! If so, then frankly, lucky you! That is a MUCH easier and more accessible path! Run with it!

But if that's not you, you have the passion that you have for a reason. You have what it takes to fulfill this divine contract. Maybe not right now, and maybe not all by yourself, but everything you need is out there waiting for you. Go get it.

Want help, inspiration, and cold, hard practical advice? Check out Abundant Yogi, Marie Forleo, and Emmeline Chang

And, don't forget: this goes both ways! If you're hesitant to close that energetic loop with others, you're sending yourself the wrong message, and leaving a lot karma for yourself, not to get granola all over you. ;-) Start honoring what others have to offer you with your wallet! Stop searching for the bargain basement dirt cheapest option, and start searching for value, and energy that's worth paying for! This lesson, right here at the bottom, this is the one I want you to take away. It will change your life. But that's a whole other blogpost...maybe the next one!

Live Omily,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Omily Tarot: Exploring the Elements–Earth

Ok guys, things are about to get heavy...grounded...real. Today, we talk earth!

Question, in (one of) your friend group(s), do you ever get that thing where someone mentions an idea, and everyone takes off chattering, super excited about it, and then that one friend brings it crashing back down to the ground, leaving everyone deflated and a little resentful?

Or maybe you are that friend, rolling your eyes at your crazy friends who, for reasons utterly unclear to you, can't see the noses in front of their faces, or the simple reasons why their plan to build a slip and slide on the roof is not going to work.

That's earth energy at perhaps its most dramatic, which is saying something, because earth does not do dramatic. And that resentful feeling? If you've ever lacked an earth influence and given that scheme a try only to end up with a fiasco on your hands, you may find yourself eating crow for ever feeling that way.

In the tarot, the element of earth is represented by the suite of coins: what's more practical than money? Your earth friends know that it's crucial; your air friends may seem incensed by the very idea, and your water friends may just be distressed that it even needs to exist. Many of those coin, also known as pentacle, tarot cards show plowed fields, orchards, and arbors. Fruitful and abundant, earth has lots to give, and your earthy friends are likely some of the most generous people you know.

Earth is, quite literally, where the rubber meets the road. Air people have all kinds of ideas, water people sense the joy and excitement behind those ideas and nurture those good feelings, and earth people actually see what will happen when this idea is actualized. Another reason you want an earthy soul on your team is that if that idea you had is a good one, earth energy is what you need for the slow, plodding work of making it a reality, even when that initial enthusiasm has long since burned out.

Earthy people are consistent, persistent, and what often comes along with those traits...stubborn! Once they've decided a project is practical, they'll do what needs to be done to make it happen. In the beginning, they may seem unenthusiastic, and a fiery or watery person may mistake that lack of apparent passion for a lack of what it takes to see a project through, but that seemingly slow pace is a sustainable one, and your earth friend will keep it right up from the first day to the last.

Another reason earth people are so rad to have around is that they tend to have the best homes: clean, organized, and with plenty of food. The most beautifully designed and decorated? The place you run to when you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to rant into? Maybe not, depending on what other elements your earth friend is rocking, but definitely the place you schedule hours of catching up over wine...and plenty of snacks! You know this is the friend who has real, solid advice, whether it's what you want to hear or not. And if the advice is hard to hear, at least the food is delicious and plentiful!

It's not that earth people are food-obsessed (nope, that would be fiery, airy me!), it's just that they get it: food is something that we all need, and it's something we all enjoy, assuming we aren't struggling with an unhealthy relationship with it and/or suffering from an eating disorder, in which case, you'll want a water friend in the picture as well. If you're really lucky, your earthy buddy has some serious water influence as well.

It's also a form of caring for the people they love that feels super natural and genuine for earthy types. They aren't always big huggers, or spouters of flowery declarations of affection, but let it be known that you like that one kind of cheese the best, and it will turn up every time you do. Food comes from the earth: it's a solid, real, nourishing way of connecting to where we all come from, and keeping you grounded is how earth people show they care.

If you don't have a lot of earth in your make-up, you may feel like your head is in the clouds. You may double-book yourself a lot, or agree to commitments and then later realize you're in way over your head. How do you get back to earth? By doing it. Literally. If it's warm enough to sit or lie down on some real, honest to goodness, dirt, do it! If it isn't, just taking a walk and observing nature at work will help a lot. Nourish your root chakra with the color red, root vegetables in your diet, and paying special attention to your feet. If you're not feeling very earthy, and you've got a term paper to write, or a big cleaning project to power through, get yourself an earthy accountability buddy! Don't worry: she or he will not let you off the hook.

Are you recognizing yourself in this description? How about someone you love? Earth type heroics can go unsung because they become so expected: of course the earth friend will plan the party. Of course the fruit and cheese plate is out before you arrive. You may assume that your friend does this stuff because she or he loves to do it, and that's probably partially true; earth types are naturally generous, but your earth friend may know that she or he is the only one thinking about it, and if she or he doesn't do it, it won't get done. That's a heavy burden! Take some time today to love and appreciate those sources of awesome earth energy in your life! They won't mind if you speak your own watery, airy, or fiery language, but for bonus points, ask if there's anything they need done that you could help with...or show up bearing snacks.

Where do you recognize earth in your life? Do you feel like you have too much of it, or not enough? Let me know in the comments. Keep it real! ;-)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Eating Omily: For your Edible Edification...

So, I suspect that some of the time when I go on itty bitty (and not so itty bitty) rants about food, I'm preaching to the choir. But other times, I know I'm not, and I'm leaving a lot of people very confused.

Now, one option is to go back and read every Eating Omily blogpost I've ever written! Since I've tagged them all 'Eating Omily', it's not so hard! But, it would take a while, and inetivably, it still wouldn't answer all your questions, or clearly explain all the issues. Sometimes I really wish Ranty Emily would put a wild caught sockeye salmon in it...

Another option is to simply watch every documentary on the food system that's available on Netflix. Just find one, and the rest will pop up faster than radishes. This, too, would take you a long time, however. I mean, the new season of Game of Thrones is about to start; who has time for that??

Thankfully, there IS a third option! You can watch a series of short films through the Lexicon of Sustainability! These films are just a few minutes long each, but each one packs a simple but powerful lesson about sustainability. You can fit one in each day, and you'll be a member of the choir I'm preaching to in no time, and nothing could make me happier!

After watching each video, you'll have a basic understanding of an important issue regarding sustainability, and you'll also have the info you need to do some of your own research and dig deeper into the issues if your interest in piqued. The whole list is available at the link below.


That said, what IS the Lexicon of Sustainability? What does that mean? I quote from their website:


This isn't about improving your book smarts. No one is insulting your vocabulary! This approach is built on positivity: instead of convincing people to  change by explaining how horrible things are right now, it skips straight to handing you the tools to live sustainably, and participate in building a sustainable future. I love it! It would be awesome for you to take some time to check out their website as well, which is of course, www.lexiconofsustainability.com. There are more ways you can get involved and make a difference. Making the shift from grocery store to Farmers' Market is only the beginning!

If these videos raise any questions for you, please bring them back for us and tell me in the comments! I'll write my very next Eating Omily blogpost about the issue you raise, and I'll do the research to answer you as completely and clearly as possible, sending Ranty Emily off to do something else for once. ;-)

I'm looking forward to learning more myself as I go through the whole series! I've already learned something new: "The Tragedy of the Commons"...and hey, if you come back and explain to me what that mysterious phrase means...I might just have something really cool for you!! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Website, New Workshops, New Opportunities...Yay!

Hooray! My newly redone website is finally done! Go check it out at emilyhursh.com, and then click the 'blog' tab to come back here! You can go 'round and 'round forever!

But that would be rather a waste of time, so perhaps do it just once...and then come back and finish the blogpost! And then go back and pour over the entire website! Like I've been doing! Yay!

So, what's new? Well, I've got my class calendar on there now, but you should have been checking that out on the blog for months now (it's in the upper righthand corner)! That said, it's on such a lovely page on the website...so you could bookmark that one instead if you'd like.

If you're curious about my background, want to know what the people I've worked with think of my offerings, or want to follow me on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or my e-mail list, you'll want to get on the 'Learn more about me!' page.

If you have questions about what I have to offer, the stuff you find on the class calendar, or if my program could be a good fit for our situation, you'll want to get over to the 'Let's get in touch!' page to make it happen!

I also have the offerings page that details upcoming workshops and classes that aren't regularly scheduled, and, there you'll notice something new: a program I've put together called, Inward and Upward: The Most Positive and Powerful Breakup You'll Ever Have! If you're suffering with heartbreak, you'll want to check that out for sure. And if you know somewhere who is, take the time to direct them there. You can even reach out to me via the 'lets get in touch page', and we'll set up a three-way e-mail together, so your friend gets the opportunity for support in her or his healing and growth, without having to take those steps during a time when even the smallest effort can seem insurmountable.

Of course, you know all about the joys that await you on the blog page...

And if you've been keeping up with an Omily Aerial Tumblr, you'll have an inkling of what awaits you on the 'Aerialist' page! Check out my reel, pictures, and a video of my most recent performance, with a link to more videos of course!

What's the hottest item on the new website right now? Probably my Spin, Drop, and Roll aerial hammock workshop, coming up this Sunday at 2:00 to 3:30pm! If you've taken a few aerial yoga classes and are comfortable inverting on your own, this workshop is your chance to explore the world of cirque from the comfortable seat of your familiar hammock! We'll be focusing on moving in, around, and over the fabric, with out feet off the ground!

We'll play with some fun and pretty instagram-worthy sequences, and with two pairs of eyes and hands to keep you safe and busy, you'll learn a lot fast, so clear off some space on your phones (and save the filming for approved moments in class)!

I'm so excited for the amazing things that are on the horizon in my life, and for my clients. With my new regularly updated website, you can learn all about those things virtually as soon as I do! Rad!

Live Omily,

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Omily Tarot: Exploring the Elements-Water

Look alive, all your empaths, teen-agers, and sensitive types! We're talking about YOU today! Aw, don't look so wounded! We're going to focus on the special gifts of water in our lives...

Remember our last installment of exploring the elements, when we talked about the element of air? The element of air represents the intellect, words, and objective truth. Water represents the often murkier depths of humanity: feelings, dreams, emotions, intuition, empathy, relationships, love...all that fun stuff!

Watery souls are great at reading other people, and molding their responses to what the other person needs, much like water can flow into a container of any shape. This tends to make them very likable, but if a person without much water in their personality gets a gander at how a watery person behaves around someone else, she or he is likely to feel betrayed, led on, or lied to. Airy people, with their high regard for Capital T Truth, get pretty caught up in ideas of 'authenticity'. The yardstick they use to measure friendships is how much two people are 'themselves' around each other. Watery people are more in touch with the many selves we all contain than most, and that can look like someone not being 'themselves' to people who don't understand.

The downside to this, of course, is that water is easily stirred: watery souls tend to be sensitive, and easily hurt. They take on the vibrations of others easily. While an earth person can let many insults roll right over them with no effect, it's much tougher for water people not to take things to heart, and it feels like adding insult to injury for a water person to be chewed out for trying to make everybody happy...

Like all the rest of us, watery people have their lessons to learn: choosing when to let their powers of empathy shine, enabling them to help others and heal the world, and when to protect themselves and trust their own instincts, instead of listening to a louder outside voice.

While easily hurt, there is a strength to water types, all the same. They can carry on in face of emotional pain to an impressive degree. This, too can have its dark side: the dreaded martyr complex, wherein one becomes a glutton for other's mistreatment since it feeds a distorted perception of holier than thou compassion.

We all have our watery moments. Some people are more inclined to be overwhelmed by their emotions than others, but we're all swept away sometimes, by love, joy, sadness, fear, anger, you name it! It's all part of the watery realm.

We've also probably all had a gut feeling that turned out to be accurate at some time or another, but people with a high water quotient will trust that instinct more than all the pros and cons list in the world. They're more concerned with how something feels than how it looks, or carefully parsing on the information on the subject they can find. While this can drive earthy and airy types nuts, fiery types can relate to what appears to be impulsiveness from the outside, and for the most part, water souls are best left to handle the situation their own way. There's nothing more sad than a water type who's been bullied out of trusting their greatest birthright: potent intuition.

The suit of cups is associated with the element of water in the tarot, and therefor, this suit tends to represent feelings, emotions, intuition, dreams, etc. etc. etc. Any cup card, but particularly a court card and some of the major arcana cards can represent a watery person in the querent's life, or could indicate a watery aspect to the situation at hand. Is this an issue best dealt with by following your instincts? Is the querent overwhelmed in a tidal wave of emotions, and incapable of sorting out the right move from this vantage point? Is this a time to take those beautiful dreams, and start to build the scaffolding necessary to make them a reality? Check out the rest of the reading to find out...

I used to relate hard to the suit of cups, but time has turned me into a serious sword lover. I'm interested to see if I eventually come around to have a sustained love affair with each of the suits in turn! Do you find that the cups often speak to you, or does it seem like they don't turn up much?

Are you a watery soul? Got a lot of water signs in your chart? Have a predominance of kapha in your constitution? Are you between the ages of thirteen and seventeen? What special gifts or challenges do you find come along with that territory?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eating Omily: What to Eat During Hungry Month

Something really. Really. Exciting has come to the Farmers' Market.

More exciting than bourbon. More exciting than gluten-free, super rich, and fudgy, spicy chocolate brownies. Did I mention more exciting than BOURBON?

It's...ROLLED OATS!!!! :-D

Well I didn't say more glamorous than bourbon, or fudgy spicy brownies, did I?

Ok, I don't blame you. Bourbon and perfect brownies definitely sound more exciting than rolled oats, but here the thing:

Those are treats. I don't eat them in large quantities. (Well, ok, the bourbon goes fast around here...)

But rolled oats? Those are staple breakfast AT LEAST once a week! To say nothing of fried oatmeal with greens and friend eggs for dinner, and of course, oatmeal cookies! This is probably something that you always keep around at home, and now you can get it organic, and local!

Now THAT'S exciting!

What do you like to put in your oatmeal in the morning? You can grab some tasty adjuncts at the same place you'll be buying your rolled oats from now on: maple syrup, honey, bee pollen (try it!!), milk, yogurt, butter, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, jams and preserves, berries (frozen this time of year; fresh in the Summer), peaches, apples...mmmmm!

You know what they say: breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Even if oatmeal is not your breakfast of choice, you are guaranteed to find some awesome staples at the vendor proffering the rolled oats, from cold pressed sunflower oil for your baking and frying needs, to wide variety of delicious dried beans for cheap local meals, and delicious grains and flours, you'll be stopping by every Wednesday! Might I recommend the freekeh? OMG, so good!!
Here's my bag of cornmeal, which I mostly use to make polenta. They also sell a courser ground cornmeal that they call polenta, but I prefer the creamy texture of the polenta made from this stuff.
Organic, local, and owned by those who grow the crops. You can't go wrong!!
Another not glamorous, but super awesome buy waiting for you at the Farmers' Market on Fridays is, soup bones! I didn't take a picture. let's face it, unglamorous is probably the nice way of putting it. They come in random weight bags, easy for you to dump into a big pot along with some aromatic veggie and herbs. The delicious stock you'll end up with is a nourishing hot drink by itself, which I love for breakfast, but of course will be more hearty with the addition of meat, and or veggies. I like to poach an egg in the simmering broth for an easy and high-protein breakfast or lunch.

You may have picked up on the fact that I'm taking a positive approach to what can be a frustrating season: oatmeal with sweet frozen berries, and a big bowl of hearty homemade chicken stock can be wonderfully comforting in these late Winter days, when some of us seem to start taking the continuing cold weather personally. Remember that Spring doesn't start till late March! Nothing is coming out of the ground right now, and stores are getting low.

If you take a walk through the Farmer's Market in these late February days, you'll understand why every native American language calls February 'Hungry Month'. You can still get plenty of root vegetables, winter squash, and even cabbage, but fresh, tender greens are long gone. Even the heartiest of kales can't grow up through ground frozen hard as a stone! A few growers are using green houses to capitalize on our impatience: delivering sweet, tiny spinach leaves, and scarlet tomatoes, for a price that will let you know just why local eaters are often stereotyped as elitists.

If you need to treat yourself, do! I picked up some of that $8/quarter pound (yes, you read that right) baby spinach myself, but you won't hear me complain about it. It'll be back to a couple bucks for a huge bunch in just a couple months, when I'll be losing myself over asparagus...just like every year.

This is the lean time. It's what we signed up for. Bake yourself a beet cake, or a whip up a hearty helping of buttery mashed potatoes, or break out your slow cooker for glazed carrots or applesauce. Delicious flavors abound! If the only root vegetables you can think of are potatoes, carrots, and beets, prepare to be stunned by sheer variety: rutabagas, kohlrabi, a myriad varieties of sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, celery root, parsley root, sun chokes, multi-colored carrots and potatoes...if you try one new root vegetable each week, the asparagus will be coming up before you get through them all! When in doubt about how to cook them, cut them up small, toss them with a high-smoke point fat (might I recommend duck fat, which you can buy at the Farmers' Market[!]), salt, and roast around 400 degrees, till they're brown all over and slightly shrunken.

And I promise, Spring will come around.