Sunday, January 25, 2015

When Yoga's Not About Yoga, but Everything Else Could Be

So, when this blog started out, it was a yoga blog. It quickly exploded its boarders, because yoga done right does not stay on the mat. And I'm a multi-passion person who heals and transforms in a variety of ways!

I got smart and divided up the post, allowing people to choose what they're interested in, or take the whole grab bag. I even transitioned aerial, a practice that at the time felt totally isolated from my healing modalities, to whole other blog on a whole other platform! (Diversifying is good, right? and Tumblr is the big thing with the kidz these days. Also the husband works there. Have you checked it out yet??!)

So this post of the triangle of posts on this blog is the post that is about yoga. Not tarot, not eating in tune with the planet, YOGA. But,

yoga done right does not stay on the mat!

And that's because while we all have our inner work to do, the outer world is so much more accessible, and nothing is more accessible for most of us than our bodies. We take that first yoga class for lots of reasons: our friends swear by it, we get offered a guest pass, we know we should be exercising more and yoga doesn't seem as intimidating as the gym, we dream of a longer sleeker body than the one Mother Nature gave us, we're desperate for stress relief...

...we stay because whether we like chanting, mudras, or dharma talks, the inner work happens. 'As above, so below' has a complimentary extension: 'as without, so within.'

Especially when you're still getting the hang of your inner work, starting with the body is a really accessible way in, and yoga is far from the only door: running, dancing, Zumba, ballet, golf, curling...whatever! Crocheting has been a powerful practice for me on a personal level, and it's been magical for me to offer aerial work as an outer practice that inevitably invites powerful inner work.

Which is why I'm ok with having no regular yoga classes on my schedule right now! Not only does yoga that's done right not stay on the mat, but it doesn't even have to start on the mat! I'm offering lessons in radical self-love and compassion during my half-hour ab and booty mat class at Bella Vita, and holding the space for discovery, growth, boldness, and surrender with my aerial classes at Om Factory. What more could a yoga teacher want?

Don't feel guilty if you don't make it to a yoga class as often as you'd like, or as often as you think you should. Your practice could be right under your nose: chopping onions for dinner, taking a walk around the block, ironing your dress shirts.

What outer work plugs you into your inner work? Take some time this week to observe and explore what happens in your inner world when you take part in activities in your outer world. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Live Omily,

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