Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Omily Tarot: Card of the Year 2015

A hair over two weeks into the new year, I finally got around to choosing my Card of the Year for 2015! I chose my goddess tarot deck as the starting point, with the understanding I could explore other deck's interpretation of my chosen card. I laid all the cards out in a pool, and shuffled them all around with my hands, closing my eyes to connect to my inner wisdom, and focusing on the sensation of the cards flowing under my fingers. Soon one felt just right! It was:

The Four of Staves!
At first, I was a little disappointed I didn't get a more 'special' card, like one from the Major Arcana, or an ace or court card, but I set that feeling aside, and sat down to see what my thoughts were just from looking at the image on the card itself. Of course, I was also influenced by my understanding of the stave as representing the element of fire, and the significance of the number four. The more I explored and followed my associations, the more excited I got about this card, and you'll see why. Here are my completely unedited initial thoughts about this card:

A celebration of building and growth. A time to celebrate, but also to firm up what you've created and prepare for the challenges ahead as you continue to grow. The sun shines down on you; the Universe blesses what you've done so far. This is a time of union: you did not accomplish this alone, you do not celebrate alone, and you will not go through the challenges to come alone. Far greater things await you, and with luck, the sun will continue to light up your way as you make that journey. Keep your inner sun alive: feed your passions, and stay energized! Connect to power sources greater than yourself. High Five! You did good. Your future is looking bright. Up till now, you may not have been sure of what you were doing, or of what the consequences of your choices would be, but you made the right ones anyway, and from now on, you'll operate with much greater clarity, and understanding. You are no longer in the dark, and you have the perspective to understand the results of your actions.

After my initial exploration, I looked up the interpretation given in the little white book that comes with this deck:

Four staves are tied together with generous garlands of flowers; they suggest the stable foundations of a home.

Meanings: Stability of ventures. A new home. Accomplishing goals. Satisfaction. Putting down roots.

I love the more literal layer of interpretation this adds! It's especially relevant because the husband and I have rededicated ourselves to getting our home consistently clean and organized, and then doing more decorating and designing with it to make it a true oasis of our shared life together.

From there, I did a quick google search, and read what had to say about this card. I picked a few items from the lists of meaning provided that resonated with me:

-Recognizing success
It's only January, and all the hard work I've put into aerial is already starting to show fruit. I'm so proud of myself, and so thankful for all the help I've had along the way!

-Observing an anniversary, milestone, or special time
In 2015, I'll celebrate my ten year anniversary of being with my husband, and my ten year anniversary of living in NYC, my special home, where my roots drink deep. It is definitely a year for a BIG party! (or two :-D)

-Enjoying some well-deserved rewards
I'm not about to stop working hard and continuing to grow, but I'm definitely ready to celebrate how far I've come!

-Taking part in a ceremony or rite
This year, I hope to continue my healing studies with a few different special ceremonies and rites. I can't wait!

-Opening to new possibilities
Exciting new evolutions are already happening in my career, and I know more changes are on their way!

-Claiming self-determination
Instead of feeling frustrated  when things don't go my way, this year, I take control and remember that though I can't always change situations or other people, I can always change myself.

-Letting go of limits
Limits can look an awful lot like security blankets, but it's time to throw them off and step into the Sun on this beautiful card!

Looking forward expectantly
-So much success and growth awaits me this year! It's time to get excited so I have the energy and motivation to make the most of it!

-Relishing the moment
Even as I look ahead, and celebrate how far I've come, I need to stay in touch with whats happening right now. If it doesn't feel awesome, I'm ready to make changes.

-Being surprised
I feel like I know a whole lot about what this card means, and what 2015 holds for me, but I know I need to be open for whole new layers to emerge that might not be so positive and pretty. Creation, change, release, evolution...the results are awesome, but the process can be tough. I am ready!

After all that, I went back to read my OWN interpretation of this card that I wrote nearly three years ago!! It echoes a lot of the ideas I've already discovered, but adds its own shades of meaning based on the Waite-Smith deck. Check it out here! I'm super excited that my interpretations have stood the test of time, and still feel fresh, relevant, and useful. And I promise, that zine is going to happen when the time is right. ;-)

Do you have interpretations or thoughts to add about this card? Have you picked a card for the year yet? What is it?? Let the Tarot help you access your own deep wisdom this year!

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