Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Omily Tarot: In Case You Weren't Clear on This

Can we just talk about how awesome the Tarot is? I know: we do this a lot. But seriously!!! YES, it's a way to turn inward and explore your subconscious. YES, it's a rad parlor trick that will save any lackluster party or outing. YES, it's a way to help your loved ones broaden their horizons and find their true paths...but it's even MORE than that!

It's a 22-step guide to enlightenment!

It's  a window into Carl Jung's work!

It's a lens through which to view basically ALL of Western culture: old, new, and in between!

It's just freaking gorgeous to look at, and regardless of your beliefs or understanding of the tarot, or the other aspects of western culture it touches on,

it's ALWAYS thought-provoking for everyone!

Um, can you name any one other thing that is this awesome?

Ok, chocolate. Nom nom nom...

And kitty belly.

But seriously, those things are STILL not as useful as the tarot is!

So...assuming you ARE reading this, and you AREN'T a tarot geek...why haven't you picked up a deck and got in the game??

Do you feel intimated by the complex wisdom locked into that flimsy cardboard?

Do you feel like it has nothing to offer you because you lack the background info that sets the tarot into context?

Are you concerned that using the tarot clashes with your spiritual beliefs?

Or, do you feel like using the tarot is tantamount to HAVING spiritual beliefs, and you don't feel that you do?

Do you feel like you don't have time to do it justice?

Or that you'll never be good enough to read professionally, or for others at all?

Ok, well, here's one more thing the tarot is that makes is so awesome:

It's for everyone!

You don't HAVE to be a tarot geek! You don't HAVE to read up on the history! You don't have to ever lay out a divination spread, or meditate on a card, or anything else! And, you don't HAVE to believe a damn thing to enjoy it! It's YOUR tarot deck! You do what you want with it, when you want. You make it your own! That's what makes it so rad! For every person who has ever shuffled through a deck, there has been a different take on what the tarot is and what it is for.

In fact, you don't HAVE to buy one! Google image search, or borrow a friend. Follow your own level of interest, which includes, of course,

just not being interested in it at all...though if that's the case, I can't help but ask...why are you still reading..? ;-)

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