Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Satya Blues and Visa Yellows

Last week I did a lot of teaching with my regular yoga classes, assisting an aerial silks class, and subbing two vinyasa classes, a core/booty fitness class, and an aerial yoga class! This week I'm switching over to student mode in more ways than one:

I'm not subbing any classes this week, and I even  subbed out my slow flow vinyasa class today so I'd have time to drop off my sweet foster kitten at the adoption center, and head on over to the Chinese Consulate to apply for a visa, and tomorrow, I'm leaving for a five-day aerial retreat with a teacher of one of my teachers...

I've been so nervous filling out the application over the last few days. It makes me think about Satya: truth-telling. It seems easy enough to fill out an application honestly, but when you don't have all the answers yet, is it better to hazard a guess, or leave it blank? What about my photo? Most sources just say, 'recent', but one specified less than six months old...do they really want me to delay applying by a week while I get another identical photo taken at Walgreens?? Should I have explicitly mentioned that my husband will be joining me for just two  and a half weeks of my five and a half week stay? Will it seem weird that I listed my mom as my emergency contact, and not him, when he's listed as helping to finance the trip?
This is the first time I've googled Shanghai. Looks like quite a place!
 And...I am taking this trip as a tourist. According to my visa. Which is true. I'll totally be touristing...Is there anything else I'll be doing? Is this a moment of just putting Satya aside, or is there such a thing as telling a lie to live your truth, like Dimple Lala embraces in Bombay Blues? And will I have my own case of Shanghai blues as the days without my husband add up? Satya blues? Currently if I had to choose a color, it'd be the pale yellow of the receipt I'll be bringing back to the consulate to pick up my passport, hopefully with my three to six month two-entry visa in it.

Tomorrow is not promised to us, so of course, my visa certainly isn't.

I hope to keep up with my regular blogging schedule on here, but I'm also going to have another tumblr going temporarily, detailing my adventures in Shanghai and beyond...and of course, I'll be calling it Shanghai Blues, in homage to Dimple, and to her creator, the author of Born Confused and Bombay Blues, Tanuja Desai Hidieri. This is supposed to be a yoga blogpost, but I have to give a shoutout for these two beautiful books. Read them!

And read my blog, Shanghai Blues, at omilyshanghaiblues.tumblr.com. I'll have lots to say about my aerial retreat of course, but you'll have to get on over to Talitha Koum: An Aerial Omily Tumblr to get the scoop.

In the meantime: invert or backbend back and forth: are you a teacher, or a student? You are always both. But sometimes more one than the other. So, if someone asks, what's your Satya..? Live the question.

Live Omily,

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