Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Blog Post to Bring You Stuff You Should Read Because Misogyny, Yo

Ok, so, the madness surrounding the latest mass shooting is winding down, which is good for my sanity because SO many ignorant things have been said...but of course, bad in general, because, if we can't stay pissed about this stuff long enough to effect real change, then there won't be any!

So in the name of keeping the conversation going, and making sure that you have plenty of information to combat that ignorance with, I present to you my roundup of awesome articles that pertain, some directly and some indirectly, to the shooting perpetrated by Elliot Rodger, who, just to be clear, was likely mentally ill, and DEFINITELY a massive, misogynistic, dick.

Here's your basic primer on why saying "Not all men are like that!" is not helpful:

Here's a slightly less patient version of that same point that closes with some super-relevant advice:

Here's an interesting look at how and why we ALL discriminate, just on different levels, and how you can pull yourself up a level or two and start being part of the solution:

Here's a super rad video that neatly wraps up why this is not only an issue of gun violence (and of course it is) but also a serious wake up call about the sexism ingrained in our culture:

Here's a fantastic article written by a self-proclaimed male nerd about how narratives in our culture can make guys who are theoretically less threatening than the so-called 'alphas' just as dangerous, if not more so...and how to make sure you aren't in that boat:

Here is a super rad article about how to be a better male person when you see a female person in a public space and want to start a conversation, and why you need to handle it this way:’s-rapist-or-a-guy’s-guide-to-approaching-strange-women-without-being-maced/

AND, in case you read that article and feel defensive, confused, angry, insulted, etc., these two articles should help to clarify the intent and points made in that article:

That's it. That's all you're getting today. Go do your homework. I'm working on the next blogpost right now, and it'll get posted tomorrow or the next day.

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