Monday, June 23, 2014

The Omily Tarot: Ask Me Another...Nope, That's Enough!

I was listlessly consulting the cards today, and in my ennui, I stumbled upon a tarot spread I've never heard of before! Which is pretty exciting! And don't worry about my ennui; it's worked itself out!

What I like about it, particularly for self-readings, is that it's self-limiting. You can carry on asking questions, and then, quite suddenly, you can't. That's as much as you're going to get.

Here's how it works: you'll want to have the kind of question that leads to lots of other questions. Maybe you aren't quite sure what your ultimate question is...this could be a great spread for working your way down to the heart of the matter. Once you've got your beginning question in mind, you shuffle, and then just lay the deck down in front of you, face down. Cut the deck any old place you like, and lay the part of the deck in your hand face up next to the rest of the deck.
There's your first card. I got Major Arcanum 18, The Moon!

To get more cards, ask another question, and cut the face up part of the deck any old place you like, and set the top section with your first card down on top to the right of the bottom section. The card on top is your second card!

To get the third card, you cut the cards under your second card. You'll have to slide piles featuring cards one and two over to make room for card three, and all subsequent cards, to keep things in order. Eventually, there will only be one card left to look at, and that's it! That's all you get! Of course, the higher up the deck you cut initially, the less additional questions you get to ask, but try not to guess ahead of time how many additional questions you'll need. Just follow your intuition, and let that first cut happen wherever it wants to.

And that's it! Here's what my reading ended up looking like:
I love this deck! That Five of Pentacles really spoke to me.

So, is this a spread you'd like to try? What kinds of questions do you think best suit this format of limited follow-up? Tell me in the comments!

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