Monday, June 30, 2014

Eating Omily: It's Official–We Have a Manual

Wow, this year's growing season went from 0 to 60!! One week the market was just hanging in there with root vegetables and baked goods, and the next: BAM!

Fresh greens, asparagus, and, STRAWBERRIES!!! These ruby red beauties are super sweet, and literally melt in your mouth, unlike the rock hard, sour imports that clutter the produce shelves of your grocery store. Get them now while you can, and freeze them for later! Make jam, infuse vodka, or just stuff yourself with them till they're gone.

Which, by the way, they almost are! Cherries are rolling in, and the first of the blueberries are making an appearance, too! Cherries are my absolute favourite fruit, and the dark, sweet bing cherries that grow around here are just to die for.

Summer squash, string beans, and bell peppers are popping up right along side sugar snap peas, and fava beans! It's still early for tomatoes, but don't worry: they're starting to come in off the fields, and there are plenty from green houses if you need to get your fix.

This is all super awesome, of course, but there's something else special at the Farmer's Market these days...something that's never been there before...

Yaaaaaaaay!!! I got mine at the Night Market a few weeks ago, and yes, it is just as incredible and useful as you think it is!

A whole cook book that's not only full of recipes based on the ingredients farmers are bringing to NYC Green Markets every day, but that's divided up SEASONALLY! Flip to the season you're in for unbelievably delicious inspiration: small plates, main courses, desserts, and, COCKTAILS! YEEEEEESSSSS!!!! I'm kind of stupidly excited about this if you couldn't tell.

So far, I've discovered the joy of whipping farm-fresh ricotta cheese with olive oil and salt, and spreading anchovie-herbed butter on sweet baby turnips, and I am beside myself with excitement about wending my way through the Summer section of the book...

Consider this the next addition to my List of Required Reading. You can shelve it right next to Alice Water's The Art of Simple Food, and Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. You can get it at a handful of Farmers' Markets:

Manhattan Markets
Brooklyn Markets
Queens Markets

P.S. My dear friends should hold off on buying this for, oh, a week or so...just in case I bought it for you. ;-)

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