Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Omily Tarot: The Birthday Edition of Real Life Readings

My Birthday is tomorrow! Yay!!! They're calling for another foot of snow tonight! YAAAAY!!!!! I'm a snow bunny from way back: the more the merrier! But of course, there are many people out there who aren't as into wintry weather as I am, and I've gotten a few voices of concern regarding my birthday plans to meet at a bar in Green Point for fun and frivolity. As far as I'm concerned, if the trains are running, there's no reason not to be there, but I'm not inclined to take it personally if some of my guests decide to sit this one out in favor of cozy hibernation...but I do want a fair number of the people I love to be there, and I don't want to make my friends miserable just so I can celebrate on my actual birthday instead of a little later...which may require me to reschedule if things are really as bad as they apparently could be.

This has got me in a bit of a tizzy, because making the actual anniversary of my birth special is important to me, and I don't have much time to put a back-up plan in place...I already told my husband he could wait to get me a cake till next week, since we won't be home on my birthday to enjoy it anyway.

This is exactly the kind of problem where, lacking the clarity necessary to access my inner wisdom directly, I turn to the tarot. Just for funnies, I selected a website at random that chooses a three card past, present, future spread for me, instead of shuffling and laying out my own deck. (This may, or may not also have to do with my having left my tarot deck at home when I walked out the door to do some desk work at the yoga studio, but let's not get into that.)

I was pleasantly surprised at how clear, and cohesive this reading turned out to be. It gave me the World, for the past, the Three of Coins for the present, and the Seven of Coins for the future. The question I asked was, "What should I do for my birthday tomorrow if the weather forces me to cancel my party?" but no big surprise: the reading is focusing on the attitude and energy I should cultivate to make my special day the best it can be.

The World is the last card numerically speaking in the Major Arcana: it's a card of completion, unification, and celebration. Considering how worried I was getting early this week about finding the right location for this party, I concluded that this card is referring to yesterday, when the husband and I dropped into Beloved in Green Point on a reconnaissance mission, and were thrilled with what we found. It seemed like things were coming together, and I could relax! (I'm having a terrible time finding a World card image that will download on this computer, so I'm just leaving it for now. Don't hesitate to give it a google if you can't picture it.)

The Three of Coins as the present is about being pleased with a job well done, and of course, as a three, about that moment where plans go from theoretical to reality. I officially set the location on the Facebook event page, and I felt really good about that decision...and then I got a message from a friend warning she wouldn't make it out if the weather was too bad...and then I got another! Oops. Maybe I took that concrete action too soon? Maybe I should have double-checked the weather? "But look!" I protested. "Look how great this bar is! And it's RIGHT NEXT TO A TRAIN STATION! Surely anyone could make it to that!" Well, except, it can be pretty complicated to make a transfer to the G train, and the G train is not known for it's frequent service. Should I have had more compassion for my friends and rescheduled? Was it selfish of me to declare PARTY ON? It just seems to me that we can't know how much snow is going to get dumped on us till tomorrow, and I think I can trust my friends to check the Facebook page for updates if they have any doubts about the viability of the invitation in the face of a really good snowstorm.
The final card, the future, is the Seven of Coins, and it's one of those cards where you only have to look at the picture to get an idea of what's going on. The figure on it is so emotive. This is a card about beginning to see the fruits of your labors...and feeling a little disappointed in them, a little discouraged, a little inclined to give up. In this reading, the card was described as a 'warning against perfectionism', which I can always use on my birthday, because I want it to be fun, and meaningful, and memorable, and EASY. And of course, it being my birthday doesn't exempt me from the laws of the universe: not everything is going to go my way all the time, especially when I'm not interested in putting much effort in. I can get glum about having a smaller turn out than expected, or about having to reschedule, or I can make the best of an intimate time with some of my best friends, or a chance to just chill at home with the husband. Maybe we'll make brownies and watch old Disney movies!
If I can remember that the day is special BECAUSE it's my birthday, instead of everyone having to put their lives on hold to MAKE my birthday special, I'll be on the right track, and sure to enjoy myself. Who knows? Maybe the disappointment depicted in the Seven of Coins is in the measly quantity of snow we end up getting, and the party really will be on! If the snow is heavier and not as many people come, the bar will probably be close to empty, and we'll be able to stage a full take over of the big-enough-to-dance-in back room, and make some music as well as cocktail requests! I wouldn't miss that for the world.

Have you ever tried a tarot reading website? Would you feel like you could give one any credence? Tell me in the comments!

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