Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eating Omily: The Most Important Meal of the Day

The last two weeks have found the husband and I really struggling to get to the grocery store, and it's left us short on a few staples, and the winter storms have kept several farmers away from the market sporatically, so we're also short on meat, cheese, milk, beans, and we just yesterday got caught up on fruits and veggies. Trying to cook and eat healthy dinners each night has been frustrating to say the least, and we've done our fair share of resorting to the forgotten Trader Joe's frozen meals at the back of the freezer and take out. Hopefully we'll be back in the swing of things next week!

In the mean time, what on earth am I going to blog about for Eating Omily?? Well, the past four (five?) weeks, I've been getting up extra early to do desk work at Jaya on Saturdays, which has caused me to try something new for breakfast to make sure I'm feeding myself properly, instead of compounding sleep-deprivation overwhelm with hangry overwhelm. Some people call it summer porridge, which prosaic turn of phrase I love, but A.) it's not summer, and B.) that title doesn't really clear up what it is. Other people call it refridgerator oatmeal, which doesn't sound nearly as tasty, but is at least clearer.

I originally learned about it on pinterest, though I looked up a few different version before concocting my own, and the first couple of weeks brought on a little trial and error while I figured out the tastiest version.

Do you need a hearty, satisfying, filling breakfast to get you through a tough morning with zero effort? Um, doesn't everybody? Listen up.

You'll need:

One jar that holds at least twelve ounces. I used by pint-sized canning jars and that works out fine.

2/3 cup of rolled oats (not instant, not quick, not steel cut. Rolled. These are actually the easiest to find. They usually come in a cardboard cylindrical container.)

1/3 cup milk (Farmers' market, pastured, non-homogenized, whole milk, please! I know whole milk sounds scary, but remember: it's not 100% fat; it's 8% fat, and that fat allows you to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients in the milk! Reduced fat dairy is processed within an inch of its life, so it's no longer a whole, nutritious food for you body. Say yes to fat!)

1/3 cup yogurt (same qualifications as milk! I use plain because that's what I like to have around, but if fruit-flavored/sweetened is what you have around, then just adjust your other flavorings accordingly.)

Your favourite oatmeal flavorings. If you aren't sure, my favourite combo has been maple syrup, a generous dose of ground cinnamon, and a handful of golden raisins. Frozen berries, bananas, chopped apples, or just about any other fruits will all work fine as well. Just about anything you'd eat in oatmeal will be fine in here.

The night before your tough morning, put the oatmeal in the jar. Put the milk and yogurt in the jar (I measure them out together in the 2/3 measuring cup, so it all pours out easily.) Add your flavorings. Put the lid on nice and tight, and give it a good, thorough shake. Pop it in your fridge. It's ready to go in the morning!

If you have access to hot water, do a little more yogurt and a little less milk, and carefully add a couple tablespoons of hot water before stirring and eating that morning. It will bring the mixture into the room temperature range, which will wake up the flavors even more.

I tried this recipe with all milk, and trust me: the yogurt works some magic. The bacteria help to break down and soften the oats, and the flavor goes through the roof. Not to mention, of course, those probiotics are super good for you!

I usually am hungry for my next meal within two or three hours of breakfast, but after eating this combo, I'm comfortable satisfied for a solid five hours! Maybe the yogurt helps to make all those whole grain oatmeal calories more accessible to my body...and we already know that cinnamon helps to stabilize your blood sugar, leaving you feeling satisfied and energized a lot longer than if your  blood sugar had spiked and crashed. Who knows! All I know is, it works, and even though I've been eating it for five weeks now, I am nowhere near tired of it. It is awesome.

Think you'll try summer porridge? Know somewhere I can get my hands on local rolled oats, or have you ever heard of trying this recipe with corn meal (which I can get locally)? Let me know in the comments!

Nom nom nom...

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