Friday, January 10, 2014

The Omily Tarot: My 2014 Card of the Year

Guess what guys? It's FINALLY time for my Card of the Year Tarot Reading and Blogpost! This was supposed to happen Wednesday, but then I realized that I had left one of my cards at home, and I didn't want to do such an important reading with an incomplete deck. What'd I get? What'd I get?? First off, I drew a card from my newest tarot deck, which doesn't seem to have a name, but came as part of Tarot: The Complete Kit. I wrote about it here. Brace yourselves: this card may not seem as exciting as the last two years when I got an ace, and a Major Arcana card, but it's a doozy!

It's...The Five of Staves!
I have to admit, I wasn't exactly bowled over with joy when I pulled this card out of the deck. First of all, my ego would have been more gratified by an ace, court, or major arcana card, and more ominously, you may recall that the fives represent the first major challenge on a journey. It often feels like some of the sub plot journeys in my life have been nothing but challenges! I don't want a whole year represented by a major challenge card!

Or do I?

Bear with me for a moment, because this is a strange metaphor.
If you've been reading along for a while, you're likely familiar with our cat, Leia. She's a big, female orange tabby. She's incredibly social, and very sweet. The husband likes to play these weird games with her. When we come in the door, usually she rolls around on the floor, exposing her kitty belly, and  making these adorable trilling mews to get our attention. The husband likes to press his palm against her back feet, and push her around the floor as she lays on her side. If only they could get this down to a science, I would never have to sweep the floor again, but alas, Leia isn't a fan of this game. She rolls around, kicks, and scrambles to her feet pretty quickly after it begins. Her first response though, is to push against his hand with her feet, attempting to get away. But because physics, she only manages to make herself slider farther faster along the floor, because by resisting the pressure to move forward, she's providing a more stable place for his energy to be directed...

Are you getting the metaphor yet? I've been pushing and pushing and pushing, and my career seems to be rolling around, kicking, and scrambling to its feet, getting out of the way so that my efforts, solid and genuine though they are, aren't bearing much fruit. This year it seems, my career will finally push back, providing me with the feedback I need to know where to direct my energies, and a solid base I actually stand a chance of moving with those energies.

This is supposed to be the year of the horse, but apparently for me it's the year of the big orange tabby.

I also read the interpretation for this card provided by the book that came with the deck, and my own interpretation featured on this blog. Go read that one. I'll wait. So, the interpretation in the book reads:

"People around you are cranky; morale is low. Stay calm through the chaos, and remember who you are. Read all of the fine print–legal troubles are possible now. When reversed (which it wasn't, but probably still relevant): You don't always have to come out on top. Accept compromises and apologies. Reprioritize."

Doesn't exactly sound like good news, but I know exactly what it's talking about, and I can't say I'm surprised. Some shit is hitting the fan, and this is the year that it's got to be taken care of, whether we want to, or whether it seems fair, or not. The good news is, if this is the year of low morale, and cranky people surrounding me, my own hard work and positive attitude is going to stand out like a ray of sunshine breaking through a cloud bank, showing me off in the best possible light. This could be a break-through year!

So what about my own interpretation from the blog? What light does that shed on this complicated card? It's crystal clear to me: in spite of the husband constantly encouraging me to network, search out role models who are successfully doing what I want to be doing, get to know people who can help me, etc. etc. etc., I've spent the last year and more going it alone. It seemed like the only way. I didn't know anyone who I had a chance of getting to know who was successfully doing what I was trying to do. It felt like I was on this quest to prove myself, and to achieve my dreams, and there just wasn't room for anyone else on the path. This card is being very clear, and maybe even a little snarky: Enough of that bullshit! Find your team, pull it together, open your heart, share your resources, and only then will you grow, grow, GROW! I've come as far on my own as I possibly can, and if I don't open up to outside help, this is as far as I'll get.

It's a lesson I've been working on for a few months now: Life is not a zero-sum game. Someone else's success does not detract from my own eventual success. It's ok to help other people achieve the dreams you're working toward. There is plenty of room for you if you're following your dharma: your life's work. This is the year that I drill that lesson home and start living it...or start stagnating!

I'm so excited at the thought of having a team to work with, both in a literal sense, and a looser one. And I do: I can start naming members right now! People who genuinely care about me, believe I can do this, and are happy to help each in their own way. How could I not take advantage of that network of support? This is past due. It's important for me to keep this card in mind though, when I start hearing things I don't want to hear: honest criticism, unflattering comparisons, simple rejections. If I fight the people who are trying to help me, if I get scared and go back to insisting on doing this all my own way, I'll be on a much harder, and shorter road. This is definitely a year to keep moving away from my ego.

I was already beginning to sense and incorporate so much of this advice, though I couldn't have put it into words and actions nearly so clearly and usefully without the direction of the card, and that feels so good: knowing that I have my finger on the pulse of my journey, that I can trust my instincts because I know where I'm going, and where I need to go next.

A card that seemed disappointing, daunting, even a little bleak when I first pulled it has become a card to get excited about, a card that promises great things! It just goes to show you, every card in the deck has the potential to be positive or negative.

What's your card of the year? It's not too late to choose one! Let the tarot help give you a heading for 2014, and make sure you tell me about it in the comments!

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