Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aerial Omily: Aerial Salon–Discord

When I want something bad enough, I put my head down and I werk. I didn't really know this about myself until I finally got brave enough to admit how badly I wanted to be an aerialist. Now that I know that it's all or nothing, I'm training four days a week, not counting the extra hour daily spent doing conditioning moves and stretches to improve my lines and shapes in the air every night at home. It is crazy, and it is awesome. Using my body, depending on my body, challenging my body, and watching my body grow and change, is the most fulfilling thing outside of my marriage and fostering/adopting cats that I've ever experienced.

Thankfully though, kicking ass at open workouts and classes is not the only component to one day reaching aerial greatness. I also need to be learning through watching: youtube videos whenever I need an excuse to procrastinate, and live shows whenever I get the chance! Which means I wasn't about to miss Lisa Natoli's Aerial Salon last weekend at La Sala in Williamsburg, especially not when I found out my coach, Nicki Miller, was also performing in it, oh yeah, and the theme? Discord. Out of my way, people.

I was interested to attend a show at La Sala. I've been to open workouts and classes there, and it's not a big space. I couldn't picture where they were going to stash the audience. We weren't stashed; we were up against all three walls of the space (the fourth wall being the bar), two to five people deep, with the apparatuses rigged in the middle of the room: silks, two ropes, a lyra, and a silk cloud.

The show was, of course, amazing! Nicki Miller opened the show with an awesome piece on rope, in which she held a lantern as a prop in the air, passing it effortlessly back and forth between fingers and toes to accommodate her beautiful movements. Um, mind=blown. Susie Williams performed a really fun old school circus piece on silks, and of course Lisa did cool stuff on everything! I love her choreography. She really seems to inhabit a 360 degree space around the rope in a purposeful way. There were a couple other performers I wasn't familiar with, who did an awesome rope piece, and a beautiful doubles piece on silk cloud with Lisa.

The show also featured projections on all four walls of drawings, and videos that complimented the theme and atmosphere of each act as well as the show as a whole. It was absolutely awesome sauce, and you should be sorry you missed it, especially since Lisa's off to Denver for two months, so it'll be a hot minute before she puts together another awesome show. Of course, she's not the only amaze-balls choreographer/producer/performer in town. Get tickets for the MuseIam Showcase at the Muse in Brooklyn February 16th! It's going to be full of amazing acts, among them, yours truly!

And you can still watch this crazy-awesome fast-motion of Saturday's set-up and performance, just so you have a better idea of just how sorry you should be to have missed it!

Awesome Sauce! The husband took some pictures on his camera, so hopefully I can update and add those later.

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