Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Omily Tarot: A Tarot Deck By Any Other Name...

How were your holidays? Mine were way too much of a whirlwind to write blogposts. I managed to get in two aerial workouts, a tarot reading, a reiki healing, and some deep breathing, and frankly, I am just thrilled with that. I'm prepared to give myself a medal for getting that much of a practice in.

I had kind of a reach gift on my Christmas list this year...The Tarot deck designed by Salvadore Dali. I wasn't too surprised not to get it...though I did get a tarot deck. I wasn't sure what to think when I opened it: it was a little kit with a deck, a mini book, and a mat you could use to lay the cards out in a particular spread. It seemed...beginner-minded at best, and kitschy at worst...but as soon as I opened the deck, I was intrigued. I'd never worked with a deck with a black background before, and the images, highly simplified, and whimsically arbitrary, were fascinating. It just goes to show you that you never know where you'll find a good deck. Maybe I'll use it for my 2014 Card of the Year pick!

It's definitely time to schedule your New Year's Reading! Get an overview of the challenges and situations to focus your energies on, and prepare to be the best you you can be with a tarot reading! Here are some pictures of the new deck. If you're as intrigued by it as I am, let's break this baby in with your New Year's Reading!
Here is the design on the back of the cards. Isn't it striking? I love how detailed and beautiful it is!
These animals with human faces pop up throughout the deck. I wonder why the rabbit was selected as the magician. It's interesting that the rabbit is holding the planet Mercury. Mercury has to do with communication, intuition, travel, and...I believe, magic.
I love the idea of the hermit being depicted with a snail shell. There are so many ways to think about that: a shy snail retreating into its shell at the slightest provocation...a person on a long journey of discovery carrying their sense of home with them...the invulnerability that comes along with avoiding relationships with other people...
This is a pretty traditional depiction of this card. We have the animals with human faces again. I love the kitty with wings at the top of the wheel! The monkey barely holding on on the upswing is pretty fitting, too.
I love this depiction of the devil! Doesn't it give you the shivers in the best possible way? I know this is the devil I'd fall for: not trying to trick me regarding who he is, but so dapper he doesn't have to!
I was at first shocked, and then intrigued by the simplicity of these major arcana cards. It seemed like there wouldn't be enough symbolism to draw from for a thorough reading. This one is such perfect moon imagery, though: the owl is a symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom, the hunt, Athens, and of course, the moon!
I'm so fascinated by this card. It feels like a total departure from traditional imagery. What does a butterfly have to do with judgement? I can make an easy connection with the keys because of my Catholic background: St. Peter holding the keys to Heaven. Maybe the butterfly is about how delicate, and seemingly arbitrary judgement can be. We just don't know how things will turn out and in whose favor they'll go...
 This is a detail shot of the back of the cards. The little matches around the sun are such an interesting touch. The closest thing to a household object like that elsewhere in this image would be the cups or cards the two people are juggling. Maybe they aren't matches at all. They look similar to the pistils coming out of the blue flowers on either side of the moon.
Here are all the cards I took close-ups of, laid out with the rest of the deck above. I should have put something in for scale. These cards are a nice size: fairly small, but not miniature by any means: just easier to shuffle if you don't have huge hands...or aren't that good at shuffling. A big spread wouldn't take up too much space with these, which is always nice. Nothing like having to readjust everything just to make more room for a few more cards.

What do you think? Would you enjoy working with this deck? I'm still having trouble reconciling how fascinating it is with the fact that it came in a little box that says, Tarot: The Complete Kit on the front. The deck itself doesn't seem to have a name at all! What a silly idea! I don't feel like my tarot kit will ever be complete. There's so much to learn, and so many different decks to play with.

Did you get any new decks for Christmas? Tell me about them! Maybe I'll take the time to review more tarot decks in 2014...

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