Monday, December 9, 2013

The Omily Tarot: Festive Time is Tarot Time!

Christmas is coming! We just bought our Christmas tree yesterday, and I'm dreaming sweet day dreams of seeing it decorated with beautiful tarot cards, swaying in the ceiling fan breeze, and glowing in the candlelight...does anyone know if there's a Christmas tarot deck? Because I want it! (Why, yes! Yes there is...)
Christmas may not be the holiday you celebrate, but whatever festive occasion is brightening your home in the early days of Winter, know that this is a perfect time to tarot! Odds are, you're surrounded by family and friends in a contemplative frame of mind, there's a good chance at least some of those people are too stuffed to move, and are desperate for an excuse not to hear Grandma's upteenth telling of the Christmas she lost all the rest of her teeth at once to an aggressive toffee pudding...ok, I made that part up, but every family has at least ONE story no one wants to hear again!  Assuming your family is tarot-friendly, or at least tarot-tolerant (and if they're not, this is the post for you), break out your cards!
You'll get some solid practice in, AND you'll have a golden opportunity to explore objectivity: how does knowing the person you're reading for, perhaps very well, influence how you interpret the cards? To some degree this is inevitable, for better or worse, but objectivity is an important skill to work toward as a reader. You don't want to use the cards to deliver a thinly veiled lecture on the evils of a client's behavior. That's not your place. If what he or she doing is unhelpful for her or him, the tarot will be sure to point that out, assuming it's the most important concern that person has right then.

If you suspect something you're about to hear in a reading, or just the person you'll be reading for is a potential judgement-trigger for you, try to take a time-out before the reading.  Breathe deeply, release your preconceived notions, and remember that you are a conduit for the collective wisdom of the universe. Relying on your own lenses through which you view that wisdom will only distort the view for your client.

There's a good chance this skill is a work in progress for you, and as such, you may bump into potential readings where staying clear and objective is just not realistic for you. If that's the case, don't hesitate for a moment: tell this person, kindly and respectfully, that you are not the right tarot reader for them at this time. If you know another reader who you think can help them out, make that referral and gain some karma points. You don't have to tell them why. Many people are so in awe of tarot cards and tarot readers that they'll just assume you read their aura or something and will leave it at that. If the person does press you for a reason, say that this particular area of introspection is outside of your area of expertise right now.

This is also a great time to practice your tarot readings because we're getting into the home stretch of the year, and it's time to start contemplating the energies that will be in play next year. Doing a tarot reading on a whole year may sound daunting, but remember: a more complex reading does NOT necessarily mean a more complex spread. My favorite New Year tarot readings are the ones when the client and I choose just one card to represent the new year for them, and we mine it for all its worth. New insights will continue to spring up as the year progresses, the chosen card serving as a focal point for meditation, contemplation, and regeneration. If gleaning a whole year out of one card seems daunting in its own way, go ahead and throw a few more! Your unique choices regarding reading the cards is what makes your offerings as a tarot reader so useful for the rest of us!

In closing, here is a cute picture of my cat in a bag. Happy taroting!

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