Friday, October 11, 2013

The Omily Tarot: Get Your Halloween Game On

It's getting nice and cool outside, which is, of course, not making me shut the windows.  I'm just not taking off my sweatshirt when I get inside.  Fresh air, people.  It's how you screw the flu.  I'm copywriting that.  But the fun doesn't stop with outer wear indoors! I just picked up a foster kitten!  A disgustingly adorable, five-week-old, ball-of-fluff.   Thank goodness the windows are open, because the kitten is definitely not provoking any Halloween shivers.  Of course, NOTHING can compare to last year's October of Terror when a hurricane came along and, along with everything else awful it brought, cancelled Halloween.  Since we have to pack in double the spooky fun this year, I thought I'd help you out with some Halloween-celebratory tips. You may be wondering what that has to do with the tarot.  See tip #1.

1. Add a Tarot reader to your Halloween bash!  Or better yet, get your boss to hire one.  And by one, I mean me, of course!  I mean, who else are you going to call?  The Ghost Busters?  Halloween tarot readings are great because it gives the skeptics a chance to give it a shot without feeling silly or dropping the kind of cash they would for a private reading.  They're fun, creepy, and a great way to figure out whats going on with your more tight-lipped friends...they won't be able to resist telling you the stuff I was able to dig up.  Trust me!  Shoot me an e-mail at and we'll set something up.  Do it now before I get all booked up!  Now that's a scary idea...

2. Are you as obsessed with the Halloween Parade as I am?  Were you all but moved to tears when you realized there wouldn't be one last year?  Well there IS going to be one this year, but just barely.  They're hanging on by a thread, and they need your help.  This one is easy: come out to THE FUNHOUSE Opening tonight, and make a donation, or participate in the Silent Auction to benefit the Halloween Parade!  The event is free, and there will be rad art there, so no excuse not to show up.  Look, I'll make this even sweeter.  Go to FUNHOUSE, then e-mail me and tell me you went, and made a donation, because you read it on my blog, and I'll read at your tarot party for tips.  That's right.  Tell your friends to bring one's.  Well...five's are better...but it won't cost you a thin dime!  Get it while it's hot!

3. If you haven't yet gotten your ass to the Merchant House, you need to make that happen.  This shit is creep-tastic.  It's widely regarded as the most haunted spot in NYC, with events like ghost sightings and possessions being commonplace, particularly among the volunteers that spend a lot of time there. They do it up right for Halloween, reenacting the funeral of Seabury Tredwell (a man who should be given some kind of posthumous award for most ambiguous name), complete with a horse-drawn hearse taking the coffin to New York City Marble Cemetery.  It's rarely open to the public, so this is your chance to explore.  There's lots of other awesome events every October, too.  Check it all out here.

4. I'm newly saddened every year by the fact that Greenwood Cemetery, pretty much the coolest thing in my 'hood, closes before sundown, but hey, you need something cool to do in the afternoon anyway, right?  Explore on your own, or take their guided Spirited Tour, guaranteed to include ghost stories and detail-filled accounts of murderers buried in the grounds...

5. And of course, it's not Halloween season, or a good ghost story for that matter, without a mug (or several) of mulled wine!

What's your favorite way to get into the Halloween spirit?  Think you'll check any of this stuff out?  Let me know!

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