Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Omily Tarot: Digging out of a Rut with a Deck of Cards

I've been having a rather slumpy week...perhaps you know the kind?  Too many demands on your time and not enough sleep leading to a horrifying lack of efficiency and a series of stupid mistakes that exacerbate both problems?  Yes, that.  I'm doing my best to rally, but then I had to drop off the world's cutest foster kitten because he has ringworm, which means a.) I'll never see him again, and b.) We probably all, cats and people, have ringworm.  Such funsies.

No doubt about it, I'm in a negative thought spiral that needs to be broken stat.  What can I do to turn things around?  Turn to the tarot, obviously!  That and the amethyst crystal my little sister gave me...

I'll be reading from my most beautiful, uplifting, and feminist decks (of course), and I'll keep it short and sweet.  Three cards: What can I do to improve my functionality and mood right now?  What patterns do I need to change to stay in that higher frequency permanently*? (as permanently as can be reasonably  expected seeing as I'm a flawed human) What's lucky for me right now?  That last one is such a wild card.  I've never asked a question like that, but my intuition tells me that's the right one, so we'll see what the tarot says!  I'll be using the Goddess Tarot, by Kris Waldherr.

Ermergerd, I love this resulting spread so much!  Two court cards, the immature male and female, facing each other!!  I'm having such a tarot geek-out...never mind that the last card is one of my old favourites from my early days with the tarot. So let's get to it! When I read with this deck, I like to take a peak at the LWB (little while book) that came with it, since it's a non-traditional deck with its own unique (feminine/ist) spin.
The book says that the Prince of Swords is courtly, but strong-willed.  He is a messenger who uses words to avoid confusion. Confusion is what I've got, but this prince is here to remind me to rescue myself with words: a thorough to-do list will keep me on track, and will help me be realistic about how much I can get done today, and when I may be able to do the rest.  With a manageable list of tasks to accomplish, I'm certain to feel capable, and once those tasks start to get accomplished, the feeling of accomplishment will be just the soothing tonic I need.

The book says that the Princess of Staves is a fiery young woman who inspires those around her to live passionately without compromise.  YES, that is who I'm supposed to be, even though it's easy to get bogged down by the fact the more awesome stuff I do, the more horrifyingly dirty the apartment gets...Energy.  Integrity.  Creativity.  Initiative.  Those are the words for me to live by if I want to live my life, instead of my life living me.  Love the Princess of Staves; she looks so introverted in the picture, but clearly she's a secret badass...

The Two of Cups is about merging masculine and feminine energies, and about enjoying attractions and relationships for what they are. Harmony, love, and enchantment are the things that pick me up and keep me going...if I follow the patterns the universe lays out for me, I never go wrong.

Ok, that's a prescription I can use...along with a piece of dark chocolate...There's definitely a lot more going on here than just that, especially since the Prince and the Princess are obviously dying to dialog...but it looks like it's time to go get some dishes done before heading to Om Factory early to work out on the silks before assisting the 6:00 class! Do you think this advice could be good for you, too?  How would you interpret these cards?

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