Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eating Omily: Swap Sour Grapes for Sweet Ones

It's happening!  The tomatoes are down to a trickle, and the pumpkins are rolling in...and more telling still, we woke up the day before yesterday to the clanking of our radiators firing up for another year. Are you ready for Fall?  Maybe even excited??  Or are you, like far too many people of my acquaintance, already moaning about the cold and hoping it doesn't snow in the next five months?

Come on, guys!  Fall is a beautiful season, and Winter is, too!  Summer just wouldn't be Summer without it, let alone Spring.  What are some things you can enjoy especially in this special season?  Let me lay them out for you...

Mulled wine

Bean soup in roasted squash

Pumpkin Spice everything

Decorative Gords and Indian Corn

Celery and parsley root (with celery/parsley still attached to the top! Celery root is a different cultivar of celery than the type grown to be chopped up for soup bases or peanutbutter, though, so taste a bit before you decide what to do with those greens...)
Falling leaves
Cozy sweaters

And soon enough, all the things about the Holiday Season in NYC that make me fall in love with this city all over again...

Feeling better yet?  If not, you may need more serious's time to break out my secret weapon:

This is not a test!  These sweet, and way-more-flavorful-than-your-sissy-seedless-variety lovelies are around right now, and you only have a few more weeks to snap them up!  I buy them by the flat. The husband inhales them. I like to freeze them for warm-weather snacking, but you can, of course, make yourself the best grape jelly you've ever tasted if you put your mind to it! Upstate New York provides awesome climate and soil for grapes (as evidenced by the Finger Lakes wine country), so these are some of the best grapes ever! And if you don't believe me, just ask the bees. You'll see them buzzing around, but don't worry: they're way more interested in the grapes than in you.  Choose the crate they're checking out, and you're sure of getting some of the best.  Just give it a gentle shake to discourage any stow-aways before you carry it off.

If that's not enough to get you into the spirit, might I suggest my Halloween Dance Party-themed yoga class at Bella Vita this Halloween, Thursday the 31st, at 1:00?  I'm bringing treats...

Nom nom nom...

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