Monday, October 14, 2013

Eating Omily: Perfect Timing!

Eating Omily is delicious, soul-nourishing, rooting, satisfying, healthy, and fun...but it can also be challenging, and if you're trying to transition from a life of processed foods, and supermarket dependency, it can be really hard.

Lucky for you, my good friend, Laura Kauffmann, a yoga instructor, and acupuncturist, is running a Real Food Challenge this week, starting today via Facebook group!  This is your chance to get support, delicious recipes, and solid answers to that perennial question, 'but what can I eat??'.  If you want in on this, just send Laura a facebook message or friend request letting her know that I (Emily Hursh) invited you to participate in the challenge.  She'll send you a friend request/group invitation as needed.

This group is coming up with some delicious stuff, including a savory quinoa breakfast bowl that will keep you full no matter what your morning entails, and a blueberry peach crumble made with quinoa flour that will satisfy your sweet tooth without sapping your energy.  Awesomesauce.  And, there's a good chance my pumpkin spice pudding recipe will debut there before it makes it onto the blog...

Come share recipes and support with us as we kick off the colder months with a commitment to love ourselves better by feeding ourselves better!

See you there!

Live Omily,

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