Monday, August 12, 2013

The Omily Tarot: Chakra Check-Up

It's Tarot time!  Who's excited?? This is a spread/reading that I just love.  In its own way, it'll tell you way more than the Celtic Cross, or even those crazy all-78-card spreads.  It's about the inner instead of the outer: turning the spotlight on the mover and shaker in your own life story, instead of the incidentils affecting it (that's be you, of course!)  It's fantastic as a diagnostic tool before any kind of body work or healing, a great way to do a gut check when you feel a little off but aren't sure why

It's a Chakra Reading!  The Chakras are the seven main energy centers in your body, running up your spine.  They each correspond to different functions and organs in the body, different lessons and challenges, and different stages of life.  Here's a brief summer of each one.  Feel free to skip it if you know this stuff already:

The root chakra is at the very bottom, handling elimination, feeling rooted and secure, and years one through seven.

The sachral chakra is located about a handspan below your bellybutton and handles your sexual organs, bladder and kidneys, sex, creativity, and years seven to fourteen.

The solar plexus chakra is located around your breast bone, and it handles your stomach, liver, and intestines.  It has to do with will power and control, and years fourteen though twenty-one.

The Heart Chakra is next, located in the center, near your physical heart.  It handles your connection to others, your heart, lungs, and your hands, and years twenty-one though twenty-eight.

The throat chakra handles talking, and listening, and purifying what comes into and goes out of the body.  It's associated with your throat, nose, mouth, and ears, and years twenty-eight through thirty-five.

The third eye has to do with your intuition: your ability to see beyond what's physically there.  It has to do with your eyes, and your pineal gland in your brain, that helps to regulate sleep, and years thirty-five to forty-two.

The crown chakra is the final chakra: the one at the top of your head, affiliated with your pituitary gland, and your connection to the divine, and years forty-two through forty-nine.

After forty-nine, the cycle may start over, or you may just have an awareness and ease with all of your chakras.  Of course, your chakras can't count.  You may start feeling throat-chakray at twenty-six (like I am), or you may linger in your sachral chakra a few extra years, resisting taking responsibility for your connection to others.

The chakras have cool Sanskrit names, sounds, colors, symbols, and more associated with them, but they're easy to google, so lets move on to the Tarot! This starts as a seven-card spread, laid out vertically, starting at the top, and going down to the root chakra.  Shuffle up the deck, and then, I like to touch the deck to each one of my chakras from top to bottom, aligning the energy. Once the cards are laid out, flip them over from bottom to top!  Take note of reversals: those tell you which chakras are blocked, closed, sluggish, or running too fast or hot. Take your time evaluating the cards as a whole: looking for patterns, then each individually from the bottom to the top.  You can almost pretend each chakra is its own querent: the root chakra is concerned with survival and safety, the heart chakra needs a balance of reaching out to love others, but protecting itself from bad energy, the crown chakra needs to grow toward the divine.

You may want to lay out a few more cards: one for each reversed  chakra, asking how you can best help get that chakra back on track. If the card you laid out is reversed, this is only step one, and you have more to do to achieve a healthy chakra.  You can lay out another card now, or start with step one, and do another reading on that chakra later on.

If your heart chakra is in good shape, you probably won't have many other reversals.  Sort of like the E string on a guitar, if the heart chakra is healthy, the rest can align themselves to it and stay pretty solid.  Here are some of the chakra cards I got today:
 The Two of Swords at my Root Chakra: a card that can be about being as honest and objective as possible...or about avoiding an uncomfortable choice.  My career choice has, up to now, left me in a state of economic unsustainability.  If it weren't for the husband's steady job, I'd be bar tending or barista-ing with several roommates just to get by.  That'd be a serious stress load on my root chakra, and I think it's simultaneously thankful for the security the husband provides, but well aware of the fact that I'm not self-supporting...and you can only feel so secure when you're not self-supporting.  This card was upright, so the balance is tipped in favor of a healthy root chakra.  Some exciting opportunities are cropping up for me, so I'm optimistic that my root chakra will only spin brighter in the months to come.
This is the card at my Solar Plexus chakra!  This card was reversed.  Golden, sunny coins fit in well with this chakra, and the number seven is certainly relevant.   The seven of coins is about wanting things to be ready when they aren't quite ready yet, and the lesson that you can't force things: you put the work in, and then you have to wait.  Just thinking about that is making my tummy get all squeezy with anxiety.  Looks like my root chakra is outsourcing its discontent to my tummy, where my solar plexus chakra is picking up on it, and trying to force things to be better through sheer will power.   Hard work and determination are totally part of the equation...but so is backing off, waiting, and letting relationships ripen, before making your move.  I need to give my tummy some special nourishing love so this chakra can let go and trust the process a little more.  It may also help to direct my focus toward areas that I can do things in: planning out a solid aerial yoga sequence, prepping my binder for the serious influx of notes once teacher training notes, and marketing like a mad woman!

On a side note, my apologies for the crooked picture–I had to contend with this:

A mouthy, demanding foster kitten with an, I suspect, over-active throat chakra!
This is the card at my Crown chakra: the only magjor arcana card in the reading!  I'm feeling strong and confident in my abilities to control my lower impulses and keep myself on a path toward the divine.  Of course, those lower impulses are part of my divine nature, too, and they can wreak havoc if not allowed out for healthy play sessions regularly.  The chakras need to be balanced to be healthy, and I need to focus on staying balanced, too.

I laid out a couple cards for my two reversed chakra cards, and got this one in response to the Seven of Coins at my solar plexus chakra.
Chang O is the Chinese personification of the Yin principle: receptive, transformative, a woman who took the wrong pill and flew to the moon, where she met a hare who is still busy trying to compound a pill to fly her back home (Look up at the full moon and tilt your head: you'll see that bunny pounding away in a mortar and pestle!)  It's important that I give my solar plexus chakra something to do (like the hare in the story) so I can be receptive to the changes that are happening without succumbing to the tummy-centered anxiety I get sometimes.  Waiting patiently is exactly what I should be doing right now, so I can't let that anxiety make me doubt myself.

I had the other four chakras, of course, and two more cards for my other reversal...but you get the idea. Go do your own!  What'd you get?  What are you going to do about??  Fun, huh?

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