Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Omily Tarot: Seeing Patterns

 Patterns: we all have them.  We're creatures of habit from the order we get dressed in to the way we approach new romantic entanglements to the subway car we get onto (you know, if you're into that sort of thing).  Some of those patters are harmless.  Sure, it can be an interesting experiment to mix it up, but your life probably won't be changed by putting your pants on before your shirt.

Those big patterns though, can sometimes really hold you back because it's hard to zoom out far enough to trace the whole thing, and assess its results.  We might recognize that the same un-fun things keep happening to us, but we can't figure out what we're doing that's causing it, assuming we're prepared to consider that we're causing it.

This is exactly the kind of issue that the tarot is so good at: think of it as a magical zoom lens that lets you zoom out, and out, and out, till you can perceive the whole arc of your life in a two square foot space.  Um, awesome!

If you're frustrated with the results you're getting in any area of your life, a tarot reading might be just the ticket to give you the full perspective.  Once you can see the whole pattern you're reliving, you can probably see a way to defuse it, and you can walk away with the tools you need to consciously create the life of your dreams!

Does it sound too good to be true?  No worries, it's not.  The tarot can't, and won't, do the work for you.  Finding out you're self-sabotaging your business efforts because you're just not convinced you're really worth what you're asking people to pay won't make you stop sabotaging yourself.  You either have to pin point what skills you're still lacking...or recognize that you have all the skills you need, and re-adjust your thought patterns to reflect that fact.  No easy task!  But so, so worth it, and until you know what the problem is, you can't apply your energy to solving it.

Since exposing these long-term patterns is something the tarot is good at that can also really help others, it's an important skill to focus on while you work on reading the tarot.  It can be a tough one to develop though, because searching for your own patterns is only going to work if you can be truly clear and objective about your own flaws.  It can help to start small, with low-stakes issues.  Why do you always end up at that same bar, even though you know there are tons of amazing places you haven't tried yet?  If that proves enlightening, you can move a little closer to home: Why do you feel so awkward getting your picture taken, even though you know you look pretty good?

It's almost like you're focusing that tarot zoom lens into a really specific place: close up for a basic portrait, further out for a group shot of people's interactions, and then all the way out to the whole landscape you're functioning in!  (Does that make sense?  I'm so not a photographer).  Since you're playing with focusing that lens in a really specific way, these exercises will be making you a sharper tarot reader in more ways than one: pattern reading, and zeroing in on specific issues or areas.   Go you!

Get out a deck and give it a shot, and if you want, share what you learned with me in the comments!

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