Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet Your Energy

 I think one of the things people who are new to yoga have a hard time wrapping their heads around is the idea of the chakras: not so much even the chakras, but the theory of the energetic body that the chakras are a part of.  The chakras aren't a physical presence in the body, but an energetic one.  I totally get how this  can sound like new age fantasy to people who aren't familiar with it, and like all parts of yoga, you take what works for you and you leave what doesn't, but I will say that there's a lot more evidence for the energy body than there may at first appear to be.

No matter what words you use to describe it, you know what I mean: sometimes we just click with people easily, and sometimes no amount of patience and understanding can make us get along.    Sometimes there are logical reasons for this: differences in life style, or beliefs that make us clearly incompatible, for example.  Most of the time though, the factors that make us compatible with others are not seem to be a complete mystery.   And even stranger, sometimes, we can tell right away if we're going to gel with someone else or not, before we've even spoken two words to them.  They approach us  and we just...get a feeling. For whatever reason, in the search for romantic partners, we tend to respect those gut responses more unquestionably than when we're just looking for friends or business connections, but we notice them either way.  What is this mysterious force that draws us to some people and away from others?  Their energy!

More specifically, you can probably make a list of friends right now who you can call if you're having an off day, feeling exhausted or overwhelmed who would perk you right up: they have great energy that easily feeds your own energy.

Interesting, right?

You might still be skeptical, but I'll bet none of you skeptics has the kind of job where you have to stand in the front of a room and lead a group of people to do or understand specific things.  Why?  Because it's impossible to miss the significance of energy, your own, a groups, and specific individuals, in a situation like that. 

It's why I have to put together my own crazy playlist instead of letting my husband craft a lyrics-free one for me: I need the energy I get from hearing the music I love to carry a room-ful of yogis through an hour of inner and outer work.  If I have good energy, teaching yoga is the most fun thing I do.  If I'm having a low-energy day, it's tough to get psyched enough for my classes to feel the same to my students.  It makes a big difference if I have a class of good-energy-rich people who are ready to share.  If I can get sucked into their positive energy cycle, I can use it to fuel myself, and then give it back magnified.

On the other hand, if a student's energy is off for whatever reason, it can really throw me off, especially in the beginning of class, when I'm still building that energy loop.  Part of my job as a yoga instructor, and probably the hardest part, is to field that bad energy, ground it, and send back good energy, as well as addressing any concrete issues that may be causing the bad energy in the first place: did we start late?  Am I not cueing clearly enough?  Does the student need more props, more adjustments, or just to be left alone to sort it out for her or himself?

If I can hang on through those first few bumpy moments, the good energy of the rest of the students will usually start to spread to the student having a tough time, and the blockage in that area will clear, till the energy loop is running smoothly, and I'm back on top of my game, too.  Cool, right?

You can feel energy  from anyone no matter where you are, but of course, the most important energy to be tuned into is your own, and if you're having trouble identifying it, then a yoga class is the perfect place for you.  Come tune in and learn more about yourself with me!  You can follow my yoga teaching schedule on my facebook page.

Live Omily,

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