Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Omily Tarot: Tarot-getherness

Yay, I can finally tell you all about my Tarot Meet-Up!  Back in the middle of May, I met a new friend.  She had curated the aerial show-case I performed in at the Socrates Sculpture, and as we chatted about this and that, it came out that she was a Tarot studier, too!  I'm always so excited to meet fellow tarot-enthusiasts, because other people's approach to, and take on the cards is always really fascinating. That got me thinking: I know a couple of tarot readers, and I know lots of people who were exploring the tarot, or at least curious about it.  How awesome would it be to get all those people in the same room?  I immediately put the call out on facebook, and upon getting a solid response, I set up a facebook event: a Brooklyn Tarot Meet-Up!
We had to change the date and time a couple times, but finally, there were six or seven of us gathered around a big table, with multiple decks spread out in front of us, and beers and snacks alongside.  Just as I expected, it was an awesome, awesome evening!
The conversations that happen between tarot readers, and the tarot-curious (as I call them) are so fruitful and fascinating!  I got to eavesdrop on two newbs talking about what they thought a card might be based on the images alone (after having read more books than I can remember on what the cards mean, a fresh perspective becomes the holy grail: we were hovering around that conversation like crack addicts around their dealer).
Naturally we talked about other things, too: with four aerialists at the table, we had to talk about flying, and there were other interests to share, too.  It's the other stuff going on in your life that makes you a great reader: the unique spin you bring to the cards that sets you apart from everyone else.
We also talked about different tarot books we liked.  I'm reading The Red Book by Carl Jung, which isn't actually a tarot book, but an archetypal one, and I'm finding it insanely relevant.
I started a facebook group so we can all stay in touch, and easily plan our next meet-up in early July.  We're all pretty excited about it, and I suspect our little group is going to grow...time will tell!
Before I got to the meet-up, I went to St. John's University's Women's Wellness Day: a day's worth of workshops, lectures, and panel discussions about health in body, mind, and spirit geared toward St. John's female alumni.  I had a table set up to share information with, and got a great response: I booked two tarot readings for that same day, and am really looking forward to a series of tarot tutoring sessions I have planned with a third person.  I still have some flyers for 20% off of a single Omily appointment, and 25% off of two booked at once, so mention St. John's Women's Wellness Day, and you can get in on that discount, too!

Hope to tarot with you soon!

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