Monday, June 17, 2013

Living Omily: Joanna Devoe

Lately I've been geeking out over Joanna Devoe's blog, "Kickass Witch: Putting the 'K' in Magick!" She does fun youtube videos (perfect for while I'm putting away the laundry), interviews with women in a variety of related fields, radio shows, and more.

One of the things that I'm really digging about her (besides the fact that she keeps it fun and isn't afraid to be goofy or let loose with a bad pun) is that she's equal opportunity: she embraces the title 'witch' for herself, but doesn't think witchcraft is automatically anything other than a more ritualized form of the law of attraction: believing in your own ability to co-create your reality.

This is one of those things that a lot of people may not think they believe in...but actually do.  Ever picked up a lucky penny?  Prayed for someone you love? Told yourself over and over you'll never make that mistake again? Wanted to kick yourself for even letting yourself think about the possibility of that thing that went wrong?  Apologized for bringing up a sore subject that seemed to start the trouble all over again?

Maybe you do some of those things and then immediately dismiss them as silly superstition, but the point it, it's just something we humans innately do, and I think that's because on some level we instinctively know how powerful we are. There isn't a belief system or religion out there that doesn't embrace the idea that humans are capable of shaping their reality.  In fact, quantum physics is proving some of the things those practicing the laws of attraction have believed on faith for thousands of years: everything is energy, everything is moving, the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.  In other words, this isn't just for practicing Catholics, Jews, Hindus, and spiritual hippies: Atheists can, and should, get behind this, too!  Awesome!

And the other thing Joanna Devoe believes that makes me want to give her am massive high five is that the law of attraction is at work for everybody all the time.  You don't switch it on by acknowledging it, or avoid it by ignoring it.  It's working for you, or against you, no matter what you do, so it would behoove you to use it, right?

This doesn't have to be a crazy hippie trip, either.  You can totally make vision boards, write long reflections, set aside time each day to visualize...or you can just notice when your thoughts are negative, and try to correct them.  When you notice you're day dreaming about something you want, instead of telling yourself to get back to work, add more sensory details, and see how real you can make your fantasy feel.  Notice if you sabotage yourself, and consider if on some level you don't think you deserve good things.  Your subconscious speaks way louder than your conscious mind.  You can't manifest something you don't feel you deserve to have.  You have to love yourself to manifest stuff that's good for you.  So get on that!
If you're picking up what Joanna's laying down, go check out her stuff and learn more!  If you sign up for her twice-monthly e-mail list, you get a free e-book which has some great stuff in it. I'm really enjoying her three-post series on shadow work I found in her archives.

I'm hoping to put together an e-newsletter in the next few weeks.  If you'd be interested in receiving it, stay tuned!  And if you're interested in doing some Omily Yoga, you're in luck!  I'm offering three classes a week at Bella Vita Fitness ( Tuesday 10:30am, Thursday 2:30pm, and Friday 1:30pm.  All classes are one hour Hatha-Vinyasa.  I'm so excited to experiment, play, sweat, and learn with you guys!  Hope to see you soon!!

Live Omily,


  1. Wow... Emily, will you be my publicist?! LOL.

    This is so well written & I can't believe how succinctly you've wrapped up what I'm trying to do.

    THANK YOU sooo much for the LOVE. You made my morning!!!

    MUCH LOVE & peace to you -xo


  2. Oh, wow, thank you so much!! That is such an amazing compliment coming straight from the witch's mouth! ;-)

    I'm so glad to hear that I did a good job explaining what you do; I wasn't sure if I wasn't just giving my own narrow take on it!

    If you get a chance, maybe you can tool around my blog and find more posts to enjoy, too! I have a feeling we have a lot to offer each other!

    Keep being awesome; I'm a huge fan!!
    love and Namaste,