Monday, May 6, 2013

Eating Omily: Special Spring Treats

My friend at the Central Valley Farm stand has been leading me on for weeks with promises of spinach and asparagus, but something tells me today could really be the day...
Spring is such a beautiful time!  It feels like Christmas: all the fresh green flavors I've missed over the Winter are coming back, and to celebrate, we get once-a-year special green treats!
If you love garlic, onions, and leeks, you need to get in on the rampage before it's too late!  I wrote about ramps: wild leek relatives last year.  They are so delicious, and easy to freeze to have for later!
There are plenty of your favorite cooking greens coming up, too: collards, kales, broccoli rabe, mustards, lettuces, spinach...and some funky and adventuresome flavors if you want to, quite literally, step outside your comfort zone!
My stinging nettles are still chilling the fridge. I'm more than a little intimidated! I'll do some research and be sure to update you once I cook with them.  Now that it's Spring you may be doing a little planting of your own, even if it's just a few potted herbs on a window sill.  The compost station at the Farmer's Market is a wonderful resource to take advantage of.  For a dollar a pound if you bring your food waste to add to the compost, you can purchase potting soil that's half high quality compost, or the compost itself to amend your plant pots with.
And speaking of pot...I saw these displays at Fishes Eddie on Friday, and they cracked me up!  Do you think we'll be seeing this special plant sustainably grown at the Farmers' Market anytime soon??
Stranger things have happened...



  1. Just beginning to really keep up with your blog. Such good stuff in here. Loving spring veggies myself. Waiting to get some plants out. Just finishing my flower bulbs.

  2. The nettles are nothing to fear! We used to eat them in the Boy Scouts. They are actually pretty tasty.

  3. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the blog! I love sharing the miracles of the season as they happen in my own little corner of the universe...I still want to get a potted daffodil to have around year after year. They're my favourite! One of these days we'll move to an apartment with a backyard and I'll grow some veggies of my own!

    Thanks for tip, Mike! I've had nettles in tea before and like that. I just don't want to get stung while I clean and chop them!! How did the Boy Scouts handle that?