Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Omily Tarot: Real Life Reading

Sorry for the delay, guys, I had quite the weekend, and a busy Monday.  In thanks for your patience, I thought I would do a full tarot reading for today's tarot blog post, and as luck would have it, I have something worth doing a reading for.  Any details I could give would only feel like bragging, and possibly jinxing myself, so I'm going to just say that I have an important meeting coming up on Friday that could prove very very helpful for me.  Wanting to be prepared as possible, I did a simple three-card spread asking what energies I should bring with me to ensure I would achieve my goals, what energies I should leave behind to ensure I would achieve my goals, and what else I should know about the person or meeting to ensure I would achieve my goals.  Here's how it went down.

First of all, I pulled my significator off the top: Major Arcanum VII: Movement (known at the Chariot in more traditional decks).  You may recall that Movement is my 2013 Card of the Year, and since this meeting is definitely what I had hoped for when I drew that card, it was a very appropriate card to focus on during the reading. I don't often use significators, so you may not be familiar with the concept.  I'll address it in my next tarot card blog post.

Then, I shuffled to clear the deck, took some deep breaths, and guided my attention from previous events of the day to the question at hand. I asked the question, and continued shuffling, then cut the deck into a couple of piles, and put it back together using my right (non-dominant) hand. I pulled the first card off the top, and laid it, face down partially covering the significator, being careful not to turn it upside down in the process.
And then I flipped it over.
 Feel free to go read my interpretation of the King of Swords.  I'll wait. Back?  Good.  So, the Swords are about air, and thoughts, and words, and ideas, and truths, and the King is the master of the masculine aspects of this element.  So, the King tells the truth, and acts on truths.  He's the opposite of the shady salesman who makes products sound better than they are.  He can even be kind of harsh, and may for that reason not be the best choice for a spokesperson.  This card seems to be telling me that I can't pull off pretending to be more advanced than I am, and it's important that I'm upfront about where I'm at.  This person may be impressed by my integrity, and the courage it takes to admit I'm not in the best place to take advantage of an opportunity yet.
 The next card was confusing at first, because it presented sort of a double negative: I was asking which energies I should leave behind for this meeting, and the card I drew was reversed.  Of course, as we discussed earlier, reversals can mean lots of different things (and you can read about that in my Reversals blog post), so I took my time interpreting this one.   Feel free to go back and explore my Nine of Coins interpretation to give yourself a better idea of what I was looking at. I decided this card was telling me that in my focus on being honest, it was crucial that I not be self-deprecating.  I had to know my strengths and be comfortable sharing them, instead of just going into a long "I'm not worthy" speech. The fact that this is a Coins card also emphasize the former card by sending the message that I need to be 'down to earth' in this meeting, staying realistic and practical.
I shuffled and laid out my last card.  Here's a better view of it.
First off, it's a second Coin card, which makes the emphasis on practicality, and staying grounded pretty hard to ignore.  Maybe there are subtler messages here, too: my feet will be staying on the ground, literally, during this meeting; my injury-free track record will be worth mentioning during the meeting.  Here's my interpretation of the Six of Coins. So an important message here seems to be that this opportunity is purely a gift.  I didn't earn it through my skills, and I need to be cognizant of that.  Appreciative yes, groveling, no.  If I'm honest about my strengths and weaknesses, and ask nicely, who knows what else I might be freely given.

Who knows indeed.  I just hope I can keep my current attitude of calmly embracing this opportunity and making the most of it without getting attached to specific results when Friday evening gets here!!

I hope comparing my interpretations with how I intrepreted these cards in the context of a specific reading with specific questions was helpful.  Happy Taroting!



  1. Love your blog! I've been doing a lot of research into tarot reading and this has really helped. Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear that it's helping you!

    Have you read Tarot for Life by Paul Quinn, or 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary K. Greer? Those two are some of my favourites!


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  4. I really enjoy to read what you write about tarot and the cards.

    Greetings from Sweden.


  5. Thanks, Minnah! It's so great to hear that! If there's something in particular you'd like me to write about regarding the tarot, don't hesitate to shout it out. :-)