Friday, April 26, 2013

Eating Omily: Hot Bread Kitchen

When our bread machine broke something like two years ago, we immediately started scouring rummage sales and the internet for an affordable replacement, but we didn't have much luck.

In the meantime, I started exploring the delicious breads available at the Farmer's Market from Bread Alone Bakery, Hot Bread Kitchen, and others.  There was no shortage of delicious, handmade, whole grain breads to choose from, and it was nice to have some variety, instead of our standard whole wheat molasses loaf (albeit a delicious standard).

On an Autumn walk around our 'hood last year, we finally lucked out: a bread machine at a stoop sale, for only a couple bucks!!  We were so excited as we carried our prize home, but since then, it's been gathering dust in the closet!  We can't seem to talk ourselves out of buying the delicious ready-made breads waiting for us in Union Square.  Sooner or later I'll get back into the swing of things, and I look forward to experimenting with some of the bread types we've been tasting in the meantime, but it's hard to get motivated when you can do so much good by buying bread!

All the bakeries at Union Square are local, and most go above and beyond good stewardship of the earth principles, but one takes it even farther:

Hot Bread Kitchen.

This company hires women who have recently immigrated to the area, and then bakes breads based on the delicious cultures these women came from! From tortillas made the old-fashioned way: from fresh corn soaked with lime, to irresistible whole wheat challah, they're baking treats you won't want to live without, while providing crucial economic opportunities to women in need that utilize their existing skill set.  How cool is that??   Read about their mission, and their amazing breads on their website,!
 And, because they're awesome, they take it even further with HBK Incubates. This service helps entrepreneurs (with a focus on women, minorities, or low-income entrepreneurs) formalize their food-based businesses with advice both in the kitchen and for the business, and industrial kitchens in which to work. This service is tailored to people who have already been working out of their kitchens, and are ready to formalize their business and grow and navigate that tricky gap, and anyone can apply!  Read all about it here!

You can help them with this important work by making yourself some stellar French toast this weekend!  Get to Union Square, and grab a loaf of that challah!
Trust me, you won't be sorry.
What else is going on at the Farmers' Market these days?  Well, if someone special likes a certain plant, you may be able to luck into a bargain!
Maybe say a prayer for the Holy Father, as a little way to say thank you. ;-)


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