Friday, March 8, 2013

The Omily Tarot: The King of Coins

Your Tarot book is really taking shape over here, and I edit furiously between classes at the yoga studio.  I can't wait to get it out there, but it will be a few more weeks of knocking things into shape, formatting, and gathering illustrations.

Believe it or not (I had to go back and check, myself!) we're onto the fourth and final King!  The FINAL card in the Minor Arcanum!  Wow!  Did this series of posts fly by, or what??  Maybe that was just me.  Next week check back in for new ways to explore the tarot, and different kinds of previews into the book.  I'm saving the Major Arcanum for book, but don't worry; you can do some awesome readings with the information you already have on hand!  Expect exciting changes to the Minor Arcanum interpretations, too.  It will be interesting to see if the updated versions ring more true for you, or if some of the trimmed fat was something that really opened up that card for you.  I'd love to hear about it!

The King of Coins

             "The King of Coins faces forward, but glances down toward his armored leg, propped up on a carven bore.  The queen was at home in the midst of nature, but the king, in his high stone tower, seems to think he’s above it.  Fruits, flowers, and vines surround him, and cover his opulent robes.  He has learned how to use nature for his own purposes.  His practical, earthy nature is tempered by an appreciation for the finer things in life.  He has no worries about money.  He knows how to get it, and how to spend it, effectively.   The page feels a reverence for the practical matters of life; the knight jumps in and gets his hands dirty; the queen is confident simply existing in the universe, knowing what she needs will come to her; the king makes every effort to maintain the wealth and abundance he’s earned.
            If this King shows up in your reading, and you’re not all that financially secure, it might be pointing you in the direction of someone whose financial advice you can trust.  It might be suggesting that you can be the King of Coins if you’ll put your mind to it.  There will be tough decisions and sacrifices along the way, but if you want to control your wealth instead of the other way around, it can be done.
            Money aside, the king of coins may be suggesting there are areas of your life where you feel totally in control and at ease.  Well, bravo to you, but most of us struggle with that kind of success!  It might be wise to crack those eyes open, and take a look around to confirm things are as rosy and under your thumb as you think they are.  Your situation may be struggling to move forward under your firm hand.   Now may be the time to be the king, but contrariwise, it may instead be time to be the page.  Back off, and leave room to learn."

Do you have questions or confusions you'd like to see addressed?  Let me know, and I'll try to unravel them in future tarot posts!  On a side note, today is International Women's Day!  It's a great day as a woman to celebrate and treat yourself special, but it's also a great day to remember that women all over the world, including in America, still suffer from inequality, and far greater risks of violence.  Explore what you can do to move us toward true equality.   Getting informed is step one!  Men can do these things too, for the women that they love: is a great place to start!

Live Omily,

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