Monday, February 4, 2013

The Omily Tarot: The Queen of Coins

It's Omily Tarot Day again!  Shuffle your decks, guys, we're coming into the home stretch of the Minor Arcanum, and I'm two-thirds done interpreting the Major Arcanum!!!  I'm so excited to get this puppy all done and share it with you.  We're onto our last Queen today: the beautiful, the practical, the material girl...The Queen of Coins.

The Queen of Coins

"The queen of coins is first cousin to the Empress: she may be the earth goddess, but the queen of pentacles is Mother Nature: the expression of that goddess whose lap we can crawl into.  She sits in the midst of her beloved realm, surrounded by growth and life.  The rabbit running by in the lower right corner reminds us of the sensual aspects of the fertile earth that she also represents.  The empress appears to be pregnant; the queen of coins cradles her symbol like a baby in her lap, knowing that practical hard work is necessary to nurture and care for her gifts. 
            The page is curious, the knight is dedicated, but for the queen, it is a labor of love.  Her feminine sense of deep contentment to just be present to nature can represent in a reading a suggestion to spend more time at home instead of going out with friends, or to be more appreciative of what you have.  Count your blessings, and don’t take them for granted!  This card may suggest that you are in need of some nurturing now, or that the proper course of action may be for you to nurture those around you. 
            The queen may be suggesting that you cultivate her sense of ease in her surroundings, and trust that what you need is all around you.  She may be saying that you are this nurturer, in control of your surroundings, and able to give.  Keep in mind that you can't be a nurturing giving person without being thoroughly rooted and cared for yourself, and the queen would ask that you go back and look after yourself before expending your energy outward."

It's beautiful to me to see how intertwined love of others is with love of self: you just can't do one right without the other.  Being able to unashamedly pamper and luxuriate in yourself is your training ground for being able to do that for others, with no resentment, no expectation of anything in return, and no martyrdom.  It's a beautiful thing!  Our society tends to set up selfishness and generosity as polarized forces, one repelling the other.  But like so many things the tarot wants to teach us, that's an unhelpful way to think about it.  The urge to care for and to give is equally valid whether it's self, or other directed.  They only come into conflict if there aren't enough resources to go around and you have to choose whether to take for yourself, or give to another.  If you regularly practice self-directed love and generosity, then you don't have to worry: when those moments come up, you'll have a healthy place from which to decide if this is a moment to advocated for yourself, or a moment to revel in somebody else's satisfaction.  Something else our society tries to tell us is that life is a zero sum game: that it's always us or them, but that's not true, either.  The Universe is just as abundant as this beautiful queen.  Ask for what you want without reservation, and you'll get it.

In honor of these four awesome-sauce queens, here's some more (drag)queenly advice.  Take it away, RuPaul!


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