Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Omily Tarot: The King of Staves

Last week we said fairwell to the Queens.  This week, we get into the Kings!  Hard to believe we've made it this far, huh?  It's been nearly a year since we started!  Today is also a special day because it's my Birthday!  I'm 26 years old.  (That's still mid-twenties, you guys!)  What does the King of Staves have to say about that?

The King of Staves
            "The king of staves may look less intense than the knight, but he is far more potent.  He has harnessed the fiery energies of the knight, and united them with discipline, and forethought.  He not only gets all fired up and works hard for a cause; he thinks it through and makes it successful before moving on to the next thing.  While the queen lets her positive energy radiate to the person she supports, the king gets up and does something concrete to nudge his chosen toward success.  This can be a very good thing, but it can also leave you wishing you had done more to achieve your own goals.
            The King of Staves may stand in for your friend who dazzles you with his go-getter attitude, and constant success, or he may point to the area of your life where you have both the means and the confidence to achieve great growth and success.  If the king represents someone else in your life, he’s definitely someone you want on your side.  His connections, and knowledge on how to use them, will get you far.
            When he pops up, consider where all you need is maturity and staying power to achieve success.  Are there areas of your life where you can be your own King of Staves example?  If others are acting immature, don’t sink to their level.  If you’re asking about a relationship, this card may be suggesting that passion may gain this person’s interest, but it will take discipline and staying power for him or her to stick around.  If your question is whether or not you should apply for a position, consider how much you really want it, and how long you’ll be willing to stick with it should you get it."

In my card, this card may be saying that it's not too late to achieve my goals, and I shouldn't feel discouraged because I'm not there yet.  It takes more than passion and fire to succeed.  It takes patience and discipline as well.  That's reassuring!   Do you know someone who's like the King of Staves (or Wands, as the Waite-Smith deck specifies)?  Would you like to be like him yourself?


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