Friday, February 22, 2013

The Omily Tarot: The King of Cups

Welcome back to the Omily Tarot!  This series won't be going on for much longer.  I only have one yes, ONE tarot card left to interpret out of the whole deck!!  Of course then, comes the editing, the formatting, the illustrating, etc. etc. etc...I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to cut you off after the minor arcana, or keep going until the book's available for sale, as I originally planned.

Today we're on the King of Cups: that supreme doer of emotions, imagination, and other watery worlds.

The King of Cups

"Like the Queen, the King knows the full value of emotions, but he has a greater tendency to control or mask his own for the good of handling the emotions of another.  Like the knight, he has a strong sense of duty.  The queen has a greater sense of spontaneity.  She revels in her feelings; the king is more concerned with useful functions his feelings serve.  He sits on the rolling sea, apparently unperturbed, but the fish in the background reminds us of the page: he has not forgotten the intensity of feelings that comes with youth; he’s still capable of understanding and relating to that intensity, as well as feeling it for himself. 
            The red ship on his right suggests a strong urge to act on his feelings, rather than just communicate them, as is often enough for the queen.  If there is no useful action that can be taken, the king is more likely to relegate his feelings to the background.  The simpler cup the king holds also points to how he holds feelings to be more utilitarian than his queen.  The lotus on his scepter suggests his ability to find a sense of peace and contentment inside, in spite of challenging outer circumstances, the ultimate control of one’s emotions.
            In a reading, the king may stand in for the friend you can always go to who will keep a level head and lend you perspective.  The king can also be suggesting that you keep your emotions to yourself for a time, to give another more freedom to express him or herself.  If you are this king, consider: are you really so mature and in control of your emotions that you can choose which ones to share and which are better to withhold?  Or are you perhaps bottling up emotions that are better expressed?  That red ship won’t stay in the background forever."

Hope you're enjoying your tarot journey with me!  Are doing readings for yourself or anyone else?  Has my perspective on the cards helped you to shape your own? Remember, everyone interpretation is only a jumping off point.


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