Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Fun and Things to Come

In case you're wondering how we fared with the snow, we are mostly wondering why there wasn't more of it.  We made the best of it, though, with an awesome sledding-trip to Central Park on Saturday.  I haven't seen that many people sledding in one place in my entire life!  And I'm pretty sure we smacked into, or were smacked into by, at least half of them.  The smart parents had their little ones in bike helmets, and the smarter parents took their little ones either to smaller, less crowded areas, or home for some nice, safe hot cocoa!  Is it just me or do people in other cities decide they have to stop having fun once they get out of college until they have kids of their own as an excuse?  We say, screw that!  Commandeer a sled, and if you run into a small child, just try to scoop him or her up for the ride, instead of going right over him or her!  I have a very defined line of bruising right around my sacro-iliac joint.  That's the 'ass area' for you lay people.
Here's a great picture the husband got of the insanity!  Proof it wasn't our fault we clobbered a couple of kids!
Only the best equipment for us professionals!
Exhilarated, and more than a little disheveled!  You should have seen my hair an hour later!
I really do love the way snow can bring out the kid in us!  It's a toy that falls from the sky, freely given, and that's such a great metaphor for life in general, and the good things in it in particular.  Bad things happen, too of course, sometimes because other people aren't very skilled in their interactions with you, sometimes because of bad weather, bad luck, or bad decisions, but there are always useful lessons in the midst of that suffering, and it's never a bad thing to work on looking at the positive in the midst of tough times.  Maybe you're not a snow fan, but Spring will come again, whether you ask for it or not, because that's the cyclical nature of the universe.  Good things are coming!!

Speaking of good things coming, I had a thought the other day that it would be fun to collaborate with other people in Brooklyn doing similar awesome things to what I'm doing.  That might be tricky to to via blogpost, so I thought I might possibly do it via podcast.  Sort of an, "Omily, And..." thing, with the 'And' always changing!  New perspectives, new ideas, new techniques...why not?  Such things wouldn't be very frequent: once a month at most, I would think.  Do you think that sounds fun?  Do you know someone who'd like to collaborate with me?  We can talk about yoga, tarot, Reiki, meditation, dream interpretation, aerial, writing, local food, cats, being a spiritual person in a materialistic world, being a Catholic who does all of the above, or, you get the idea, just about anything that would be a good fit with one or all of those things!  Once you've liked my facebook page by clicking the button in the upper right quadrant of the screen, you can send me a message, and maybe, just maybe, we can do something cool together for the good of the order!

I'll see you guys Wednesday.  I have to get the laundry started, or I'll be stuck wearing these levi flares all day!  Definitely a sign it's time to manifest some clean clothes...

Live Omily,

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