Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Billion Rising: It's Time to Break the Chain

It's been nearly a week after the fact, but the repercussions are still going around the internet, and I hope, the world.  Did you participate in One Billion Rising on Valentine's Day?  There were events all over New York City, starting with a dance/march across the Brooklyn Bridge shortly after 8:00 am.  The windows of ABC Carpet and Home were occupied by dancers of various ethnic styles from 2:00 pm on, and Times Square was filled with MTV employees and others at 2:14, walking out of their jobs to rise as one with others world wide to end the epidemic of violence against women.

Oh, yes, that's what One Billion Rising is about.  1 in 3 women worldwide will be beaten, or raped in her lifetime.  That doesn't include being intimidated on the street, harassed in the work place (or not being promoted when you're the best candidate), a boyfriend saying you need to shave your legs or lose weight, etc. etc. etc.  One in three, one third of all women, which amounts to one billion women, will be beaten, or raped within their lifetimes.  It's long past time that all one-billion of us, and the billions of others who don't want this horror, rise, and say, 'Enough.'

So we did.  In Washington Square Park, a huge crowd danced not once but twice to the anthem written for the day, "Break the Chains".  Check it out here, and if you can listen to the whole thing without dancing, singing along, or crying, I'll give you a dollar. Women in other countries with less progressive governments risked imprisonment and death by standing with the rest of us.  You might have missed this V-Day's flashmob, but you didn't miss the movement.  Go to, and sign up.  The routine violence perpetrated against women by a few, and accepted by many, is the most heinous sign of the sexist world we live in, and it's a great place to start fighting it.

I got some amazing pictures and a video of the Washington Square Flashmob, but there were so many other beautiful things going on that day that I couldn't attend.  I know they were well-documented as well, so if you're looking for inspiration it shouldn't be hard to find!
Before the dance we got some pictures of the signs different women and groups had made.
With Love from NYC!
Love that there were women of all ages, and men, too!
Also loved that everyone was having such a great time!
One Billion Rising...will you be joining us?
That sign on the left is a cause dear to my heart.  Stop teaching women how to not live their lives as they see fit so they can avoid rape, and start teaching men not to rape!
Last group picture!
 The video I took isn't wanting to upload, I assume because it's too big.  The tech-savvy husband can probably get it saved in a smaller format so check back tonight and tomorrow to see if it's up.  I seriously could not stop crying the whole time I was there.  Witnessing the power and passion of my sisters was so moving.  But, of course, dancing may raise awareness, and get us pumped, but it's only the beginning.   If it ends here, there won't have been much point.  Let's keep going!

Live Omily,

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  1. Wow! Thank you for your passion and commitment to this cause! I am so proud of my fellow sisters. I will be sure to share this blog with my friends in India, Pakistan and Iran.