Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Wonderland

I chronically underestimate how busy I'm going to be and pack so much in...which is why I was so sure I could keep up my regular posting schedule with a laptop!!  Well, the good news is, since I do have a laptop, I can post at the airport!

My favourite thing about being home in Ohio, aside from searching from wedding dresses with Karen, yelling at Downton Abbey characters over champagne with my mom, and joking with my dad and grandpa over breakfast, was definitely the snow.  It was my version of perfect weather: between twenty and thirty degrees, and snow daily, kicked off by a genuine blizzard on the day after Christmas!  The snowy landscapes: bare trees with snow icing on every branch, dark firs bowing under the weight of their snow load, deep, glittering backs thrown up on either side of the road, lines of footprints from humans, rabbits, deer, and brave was just dreamy.  On the last day of the 2012, we went sledding in my dad's yard, carving long, leaning tracks between the stand of trees and the driveway while powdery snow flew up into our faces.  Not a bad workout hauling the sled back up the hill, either!

In the evening, we drove into Columbus for fancy cocktails with old friends, and a dose of my favourite local musician.  My husband isn't one for sappiness or public displays of affection, but I can always count on him for a good New Year's kiss.  I'm hopeful 2013 will hold some wonderful things for me, and stand out as a special year for the rest of my life.  I'm still working out my resolutions, and my tarot card for the year, but I'll be back with those when I have more time to be solo and look within.

I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully!)  I think it's time we talk food!!

Live Omily,

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