Monday, January 28, 2013

The Omily Tarot: The Queen of Swords

Sorry about the haphazardness of the posting schedule; I'm getting back on track this week.  For now, it's time for another tarot post!  We only have two queens, and then the four kings to get through before we're in the Major Arcana.  I'm already halfway through the Major Arcana and ready to start sharing those when we get there!  I can't wait to get all my interpretations edited and strung together.  Quick question, tarot seers: what extra information or appendixes would you like to see in a tarot book?  What format would make it the most usable for you?  Anything you know you don't like"  Anything you just know would be great but you can't find anywhere?

We've been making our way through those surpreme receptors and transformers: the Queens.  If you're not a fan of cold, snowy weather, you might want to channel some of the Queens' energy yourself.  One of their best gifts to us is the reminder that peace is found by accepting and making space for what cannot be changed.  Of course, that doesn't mean a state of complete passivity.  Some thing can be changed, and some of those things should be changed.  The transformative powers of mother earth, which will inevitably take us right back to hot, sunny days in a few months, speak to the divine feminine's ability to effect unbelievable changes, by shifting her focus from what IS, to what MUST BE, and cultivating acceptance for that in others.  Cool, huh?

The Queen of Swords

"The queen of swords is often disliked.  She is seen as being too harsh, or too rigid.  But when you get right down to it, the queen simply has a low tolerance for bullshit.  She requires absolute clarity: of intentions, of ideas, of situations.  She has the weapon to achieve it, too.  Whereas the swords is cut off in the page, and knight, the whole sword is here, somewhat centered, and pointed straight up into the sky, just like the sword of ultimate truth on the ace.  A bank of clouds sinks below her throne, no match for her ability to clear away haze and confusion.  The cherub on her throne reminds us that, harsh or not, the queen has the best of intentions.  Of course, her shadow side is a fierce one.  We’ve all been cut by the sword of truth, and we’ve done the cutting, too.
            The page swung his sword enthusiastically, and the knight’s intensity was almost frightening.  The queen doesn’t need theatrics, or a charging horse, to inspire respect.  She gets it by giving it, but to objective situations and honest people only.
            In a reading, the queen may be telling you to grow up and accept the truth, whether you like it or not: maybe you’re just not the type of person who thrives in a big city, and it’s high time you move back home.  Maybe your own unhelpful habits and attitudes are the root cause of all those relationships going sour.  Face your shadow side, and deal with it!  The queen can also represent a mentor who you can always trust to be brutally honest with you, instead of telling you what you want to hear.  While such a mentor is precious indeed, consider if you’re in the right stage of your project or situation for ruthless pruning to be helpful.  This is not the person to have a brainstorming session with!  On the other hand, this card may be telling you to soften the shadow aspects of the queen: ease up!  Be slower to judge others and criticize your own efforts."

 This is another great interpretation of the archetype of the Queen of Swords, one that handily sums up all her good points.  Who doesn't want to be this person?  I know I like to think that at my best I embody some of those traits.  On the other hand, I know I have the potential to live the Queen's shadow side, which is only fair.  You don't get one without the other!


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