Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Omily Tarot: The Queen of Cups

It's been a nearly a month since our last Omily Tarot interpretation post!  As I work on a book of my own tarot interpretations, I'm keeping myself motivated to focus and finish by offering you one interpretation each week!  I'm well ahead of you into the Major Arcana now, and looking forward to starting the proccess of organizing the info, writing appendices, and working with my designer/animator husband to lay it out and put it together.  Once it's all done, it'll be available for purchase!

So today, we're up to the Queen of Cups.  Her Majesty has fully mastered the often treacherous waters of emotions, intuition, and other matters of the heart and gut.  She can be deeply empathetic, but she never confuses another's emotions for her own.  When you find a strangely steady and peaceful moment in the midst of deep grief, you're tapping into this archetype, into the power of being fully present to what you're feeling, instead of pushing it away or looking to the future when the feelings will fade.

The Queen of Cups
     "The water queen is first cousin to the High Priestess.  Both are in charge of the interior realms: dreams, emotions, and intuitions.  The queen’s throne features mer-babies, which speaks to her easy facility and comfort with this watery realm.  The pebble-sprinkled sand spit her throne rest on may be a little island, or merely a peninsula extending from the beach.  Either way, she’s thoroughly surrounded by her element, yet ultimately removed from it.  The queen understands that feelings are inherently valid and must be respected, but she has also learned how to avoid getting swept away by them.  Her cup is an ornate communion chalice, a cup with a sacred purpose.  She would never devalue or disrespect someone’s dream, or hunch, but she would subject it to great scrutiny, as she does this chalice.  The red shell clasp at her heart suggests that she’s rooted her tender heart, and learned a sense of stability that protects her from the sea’s inevitable squalls.  There is a cliff to the queen’s right, in the background.  This higher vantage point would allow the queen to see far more of her domain, but she doesn’t want to be so far removed from her heart.  Stay connected!  She commands us.
            The page seemed to have been chosen by the fish, instead of the other way around.   The knight takes on this quest without hesitation, seeking the good for all, and the queen enthrones the world of dreams and emotions, and revels in it.
            In a reading, this queen is likely telling you to shut up for a moment, and consider how you’re feeling.  Stop making lists of pros and cons, and just go see how standing on each college campus makes you feel.  It doesn’t matter if you didn’t mean to hurt your wife’s feelings, the fact is that you did, and you must honor her feelings and do your best to make things right.  Of course, for some of us the opposite may be true: really, really wanting something isn’t justification for risky or hurtful actions.  You do have to be rational as well."

When has following your intuition, even against the advice or reason of others, paid off?  When has it not?


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