Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Omily Tarot: 2013

There won't be anything to cook until we go shopping tonight and tomorrow, so you'll have to bear with me, Eating Omily lovers!  Today, we Tarot.

But of course we do!  It's the beginning of a brand new year.  What better time to ask the universe what energies are in store?  Each new year, I shuffle and cut one of my tarot decks, focusing on the year ahead, and the adventures, gifts, and challenges in store, and then flip the top card over.

Last year, I got the Ace of Staves, a breathtakingly exciting card, since it speaks of great potential in spiritual growth and ambition.  Sure enough, my unsure, plodding unnamed word document turned into a novel, I forged connections with more yoga studios, and took part in three aerial performances.  I spent the last few months of 2012 sitting on this great potential--on the edge of glory, and wondered what 2013 would bring. 
 I know it will be a great year: it's my lucky number, the year I seek literary representation, the year I finally see Lady Gaga in concert.  Long before I selected the goddess tarot and started shuffling I knew it would be a good year...but what would the card be?  Would I be cautioned, chastised, encouraged, celebrated?  Well, you know the tarot, probably all of the above.  Maybe I've been nervous that this year's card could never live up to last year's card.  Maybe I would find out I'd somehow squandered my chance and was back to square one.  Luckily, I have a blog to write, so I had to suck it up sooner or later.  Here's what I got.
First, it's a Major Arcana Card, arguably of even greater import than an ace.  This is Major Arcanum Seven: Movement.  It equates to the Chariot in a more traditional deck. It's an incredible card: what do you need when you feel caught on the edge?  Movement!  

The Chariot is all about harnessing all that you've learned, and the opposites within yourself, to move forward to the next stage of your life.  The little white book that came with my goddess tarot says, "Movement into the next phase of life.  If you are feeling impatient, don't worry: transitions will go smoothly.  Career advancement.  Good timing!"

Yes!  Exactly!  Those things!  Please and thank you, God[dess]!

The reverse interpretation reminds me to keep my impatience in check, and be on the alert for sign posts from the universe.  At the pace I'm going, I could easily miss my turn!

While looking for pictures of this card, I found this interpretation of the Chariot card

2013=I am the best person for the job.  I fearlessly accept my mission.

What does 2013 mean for you?  Did you or will you now draw a tarot card to direct your energies for the year ahead?  Got any New Year's resolutions?  I mean real ones, not 'lose five pounds and tone up.'  Who gives a shit how much your belly jiggles?

Big things are coming this year.  If you're coming along for the ride, I hope you're holding on tight.


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